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Commerce Cloud Launched by Elastic Path

Elastic Path Announces the Launch of Commerce Cloud


New offering being used by brands to defy the boundaries of the typical commerce cloud and solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges



NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- January 13, 2019 -- Elastic Path, the pioneer of enterprise API-first commerce solutions, today announced the launch of Commerce Cloud, the company’s future-looking, flexible cloud subscription product. Commerce Cloud empowers companies to leverage the scalability, reliability and performance of the cloud with the flexibility and performance they’ve come to expect from Elastic Path’s API-oriented commerce architecture.


“Elastic Path Commerce Cloud powers the business needs of today and tomorrow. Our customers are innovators who are looking for solutions to quickly launch new brands or stores to solve current needs while at the same time powering their commerce aspirations into the future. Commerce Cloud allows you to keep up and exceed customers’ expectations,” said Senior Vice President of Products Peter Lukomskyj.

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud empowers unmatched flexibility for digital commerce, be it products or services:

  • Support for multiple business models: Commerce Cloud delivers B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and B2B2B capabilities on a single platform.
  • Support for multiple touchpoints: This tool can handle today’s commerce use cases such as website and progressive web apps as well as the emerging customer touchpoints, e.g. voice technology and IoT devices — and it’s ready for the next buying channel that has not yet been invented.
  • Seamless migration capability: Commerce Cloud lets companies switch from legacy commerce platforms over time by leveraging an API-first architecture. Start with a shopping cart and migrate as needed with no need to rip and replace.
  • Business-friendly deployment: Commerce Cloud offers brands the opportunity to switch to a managed hosted or on-premise deployment without losing any functionality or customizations. It also allows them to switch between models as business needs change over time. Commerce Cloud can also be implemented and customized internally by an enterprise’s IT team or by an Elastic Path partner depending on the brand’s preference.
  • Unified selling engine: Commerce Cloud enables a single view of the customer and how they interact with the brand across touchpoints. It provides the omnichannel shopping cart brands have sought for years and empowers them to understand and delight the customer at every point in the buying journey.

In addition to traditional use cases, Commerce Cloud allows brands to power buying experiences through IoT, Facebook chatbots, Alexa skills, and other opportunities beyond traditional touchpoints. Building on the success of the core Elastic Path offering, Commerce Cloud delivers hosting, maintenance, system and database administration, and compliance -- allowing brands to focus on taking care of their customers and growing their businesses while driving innovation and growth for their business.

“Elastic Path Commerce Cloud is for innovators and dreamers who want to push the boundaries of commerce,” said Harry Chemko, CEO of Elastic Path. “This new offering builds on Elastic Path’s legacy of supercharging the world’s premier brands to deliver unified commerce experiences across brands, lines of business, geographies, and channels. Commerce Cloud adds another level of flexibility to our battle-tested, proven Elastic Path Commerce platform -- now with a SaaS option.”

Commerce Cloud is already in use by established brands, including long-term Elastic Path customers who are leveraging the brand’s innovative commerce platform while also gaining the scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness of the cloud. Elastic Path announces Commerce Cloud during the first day of the National Retail Federation Big Show & Expo in New York City. Attendees can visit Booth #1817 in Hall 1A for a demo of Commerce Cloud and more information.


About Elastic Path
Defining the future of commerce, Elastic Path pioneered the world’s leading API-oriented commerce solution for enterprises. The company’s flagship product, Elastic Path® Commerce, has helped the world’s top brands generate over $60 billion in over 170 countries. Customers from industries as diverse as travel, telecoms, publishing, software, and retail enjoy the benefits of a flexible, open architecture that monetizes brand-defining customer experiences, facilitates business agility and eliminates commerce system silos. Elastic Path is a private company based in Vancouver, Canada with offices in the UK and US. For more information, visit