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Be Remarkable: A New Look for Elastic Path

The Same Commitment to Revolutionizing Commerce

When we started Elastic Path, it was based on the idea that there had to be a better way to build enterprise software. When my co-founders and I met in our early days at university, we had a vision for solutions that were simpler, intelligently architected and provided ultimate flexibility. We believed customers shouldn’t have to change their business to fit within the limitations of their software. They should be able to mold their software to fit their business. Software should unlock creativity and innovation, not stifle it and businesses should have the opportunity to do remarkable things.

As the company has grown and evolved, I’ve remained introspective on what it means for us as a company to be remarkable. As one of Elastic Path’s core values from the start, it became our north star in the past several months as we reimagined that idea looking into the future of the company. To us, being remarkable means being comfortable where everyone else is uncomfortable. Existing on the leading edge of the market even when it seems risky. Committing without compromise to our vision for the future of commerce while maintaining a strong foundation in what already works.

Today, we’re launching a new look and feel to the Elastic Path brand. This shift goes deeper than a new logo and website. It’s the first step in Elastic Path’s blueprint for the next commerce revolution.

The Headless Revolution, Almost a Decade On

One of our first remarkable moments came at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. When Elastic Path signed on to power the tech behind the official Olympics online store, we had the opportunity to understand what our customers really needed by walking a mile in their shoes, so to speak. We had to tackle challenges like managing a huge surge in volume during events and accommodating shoppers from all over the world. This experience taught us the true pain points of the modern retailer or brand. At the time, there were no options on the market that could provide the experience we needed. It was clear that our passion for solving unique problems in ways no one else was able to would meet their needs head-on.

Walking around the many beautiful Olympic venues around Vancouver, I was convinced commerce experiences could incorporate more than just web and mobile. Spectators were surrounded by technology, from TV to web to digital signage at the Games. We realized our next phase in commerce would be to make those touchpoints shoppable. Mobile-first would no longer be enough. We would build the best API centric commerce platform, incorporating “shopping APIs” to create a purchase experience within any device or touchpoint imaginable. We called this concept “headless commerce.”

We were the first to approach commerce this way and it wasn’t easy in the beginning. To start, we originally called the solution DCAPI (Digital Commerce API), which of course led to some terrible jokes internally like, “The DCAPItator” as we moved into “headless”. Externally, legacy technologies had their hold over the market, but we could see the writing on the wall. Solutions at the time had always been either overly complex and heavy, slowing down innovation or too lightweight and brittle to stand up to the demands of the world’s largest enterprises.

Our drive to solve the problems holding our customers back kept us going because we knew as digital touchpoints proliferated, headless commerce would be the best way forward. We knew fundamentally redefining the commerce platform would create what we knew organizations would need.

The Next Generation of Commerce Innovation

Headless commerce was revolutionary in 2011, and in the last eight years the market has come so far; we’ve seen our customers embed commerce so seamlessly within the experience it almost disappears altogether. If we do our jobs right, buyers will be able to purchase almost without thinking anytime, anyplace. We’re investing in a future where everyone, whether you’re a traditional brick-and mortar retailer, a large CPG brand or even a manufacturer can simply imagine a commerce experience and see it come to life.

The next commerce revolution is around B2B commerce and giving it the attention it deserves. We’re committed to powering B2B commerce experiences like IoT purchasing, manufacturing equipment that can order its own parts and on-site “vending machines” that keep inventory costs low, just to name a few. These transformative experiences can’t exist without a solution that is purpose-built for the way B2B organizations actually operate. Not an adaptive afterthought built on top of an existing B2C solution.

We also build for what doesn’t exist yet. Headless commerce is the perfect example. We’re driven by the potential we see in the commerce experience and build capabilities to support that.

A New Brand Look, the Same Remarkable Commitment

When we pioneered headless commerce, we created a market and proved Elastic Path is a company that pushes the industry forward. Now, we have the brightest minds in commerce pushing technology forward again.

Our new brand, logo and website is representative of a new chapter for Elastic Path but it’s also a distillation of what we’ve always been and will continue to be. To me, to “be remarkable” and say ‘we revolutionize commerce’ is a testament to the entire Elastic Path ecosystem and what we all: our team, customers and partners have done to stay on the leading-edge of commerce.