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A New Chapter for Elastic Path, and a New Way for Business Leaders to Unlock Growth

We started a brand-new chapter for Elastic Path at NRF 2020. One that moves us closer towards our vision for the next wave of commerce-enabling brands to quickly and easily create unique and differentiated commerce journeys.

Elastic Path has acquired Moltin, a fellow leader in headless commerce, and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome their breadth and depth of technology and talent to the Elastic Path family.

We’ve always been committed to building the technology our customers need and a culture committed to solving the problems holding them back from reaching their full commerce potential. In Moltin, we found a company that shares those goals.

Aside from our alignment in company values and culture, Moltin is driven by the same vision: to give organizations the freedom to transform every customer interaction into a commerce experience, across business models, channels, devices, and touchpoints. Put simply, we share the idea that anywhere a brand, merchandiser or retailer meets a buyer should be a place where a purchase can be made.

Why does this acquisition make sense?

After pioneering the headless commerce approach in 2012, we’ve watched other vendors emerge and over time, began to watch Moltin—rather fondly, actually—for their approach to headless commerce and for their focus on building out a microservices architecture with the right level of granularity and simplicity, focused on enabling unified commerce experiences.

Microservices architectures, like APIs (or headless), have become a big conversation in the commerce space. But those architectures are not all created equal. If you look at what organizations are really trying to accomplish with microservices, it’s simple. A level of modularity to maintain rapid innovation, ease of operational maintenance, and independent scaling.

Architecture has always been an important part of the decision-making process in choosing a platform. But microservices as a purely architectural construct aren’t enough to drive real, meaningful business value. Businesses want to drive more sales through more channels, lower their cost of ownership, and remove their operational headaches. Otherwise, why bother changing at all?

To date, the technical sophistication required to realize the full benefit of microservices has generally been out of reach for most organizations.

This is where our approach really shines. The Cortex API orchestration capability in our Elastic Path Commerce Cloud platform provides the choreography needed to transform the benefits of a microservices architecture from a promise to a reality. The combination of Elastic Path and Moltin creates the first, and only commerce platform that enables every business leader to quickly and easily leverage the full power of microservices to increase digital agility and create shoppable experiences anywhere they choose. And to do so at scale for those Oprah, Instagram influencer, or Black Friday type of moments.

What does this mean for current and future customers and partners of Elastic Path?

The great news is, existing customers, partners and prospects of both Elastic Path and Moltin won’t have to wait very long to reap the benefits of this acquisition. The unification of the Elastic Path and Moltin products is already well underway and will be available for brands, manufacturers, and retailers to take advantage of in the coming weeks.

Current and future customers of Elastic Path can now launch new revenue channels nearly on demand. They can iterate on experiences that are not only fit for the buyer but fit for the business purpose. And, they can maximize how these channels and experiences are monetized and delivered at scale.

Our larger combined R&D team paired with our incredible partner network will create a flywheel when it comes to commerce innovation, adding a huge amount of business value to what is available today and will only accelerate. This also means an expansion of the portfolio of services we offer in our Elastic Path Marketplace.

We want to be a safe harbor for organizations as they navigate and enter into this new wave in the commerce market. One where they can find a way to bring their own commerce experience to life, in a way that is true to their brand, their business needs and their unique advantage in the market.

This acquisition is a significant new chapter for the Elastic Path community. But it also represents a distillation back to what our core belief has always been - that organizations shouldn’t have to change their business to fit within the limitations of their technology - their technology should be flexible enough to inspire creativity, innovation, and give them the opportunity to do remarkable things.