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Onboarding Guides

Elastic Path Onboarding

We are delighted to have you on board and are fully dedicated to ensuring that you maximize the potential of our platform. To make your onboarding experience seamless, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources and guides that will assist you in understanding and utilizing Elastic Path to its fullest.

Getting Started Resources:

  • Elastic Path Documentation: Our documentation portal is your go-to resource for step-by-step tutorials, how-to guides, and developer tools. It provides valuable insights into effectively navigating the family of Elastic Path products.
  • Interactive learning will help you to reinvent the catalog. Check out the 10-minute learning sandbox to see Product Experience Manager in action. Some JS knowledge is helpful, but no tools are required.
  • Use the Postman collection to run and explore Elastic Path APIs. The collection includes the relevant types of requests for each endpoint, including create, read, update, and delete.
  • Integrations Hub: Assembling your composable commerce solution has never been easier. Integrations hub, our library of no-code, instant-on integrations, provides detailed information to test, track executions, and monitor integrations, as well as give you full access to logs for every integration. Watch the Introduction to Integrations Hub video.
  • Changelog: Stay up to date with Elastic Path's latest developments by bookmarking or subscribing to our Changelog. This valuable resource keeps you informed about important release notes and updates.
  • Video Learning: Watch our informative video series that covers various aspects of Elastic Path products. Gain valuable insights and learn best practices.
  • Subscribe to the Elastic Path Platform Status Page: This status page is a publicly available site where you can view current and historic uptimes, and incident logs. Subscribe to be notified in real time of any degradation or downtime that may occur.
  • Get Customer Support: Access the support you need when you visit Note: you will need customer credentials to access this page. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for setup assistance.

The Elastic Path Team is here to support you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for any inquiries or to learn more about all our capabilities.

We are committed to helping you succeed!

Thank you for choosing Elastic Path. We are excited to be a part of your business growth and look forward to empowering your success!