Create Cutting-Edge Shopping Experiences Right Out of the Gate.
Elastic Path Reference Experiences

Bring New Experiences to Life Quickly

Leverage our best practices in design and technical architecture to quickly stand up new applications using open source code, traditional and mobile reference storefronts, and documentation.

Innovate Faster with Industry-Leading Developer Tools

Get going faster with open-source code out of the box. Customize provided components and (re)assemble them to launch applications your way. Reach your customers across different channels and devices as a primary goal, not an afterthought.

REACT Reference Storefront Features

Discover all the front-end components you need for a shopping experience, including catalog browsing, cart, checkout, pricing, and more, right out of the box. Even if you don’t need the starter code, studying it carefully will teach your developers how to use the Cortex layer for maximum effect.

  • Modular design: Each page in the store is built with discrete components, making customization and the creation of new ones a snap.
  • Mobile-friendly architecture:
  • Responsive web design: Display optimal layouts and data scopes on each device.

    Progressive web app: Apps work even when they’re offline and the user information persists on mobile devices.

  • Skinnable: Change the look and feel of the reference applications whenever you want.
  • Integrations: Configure Google Analytics in the reference storefront. Reuse Payments and other functional integrations and include them on new pages.
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