Product Information Management (PIM)

Easily Create & Manage Complex Product Catalogs With Elastic Path

Elastic Path Product Information Management allows you to:

Tame Complexity

Quickly create and manage multiple complex catalogs, set up virtual catalogs and define all necessary information about each product only once.

Personalize Products and Pricing

Deliver account and customer specific products and prices based on location, demographics, customer behavior and other parameters.

Drive Revenue Growth

Bring new innovative offerings to the market and organize them into static and dynamic bundles.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Quickly adopt new sales channels by pushing the catalog data to 3rd party systems and applications, including CMS and marketplaces.

Product Catalog and Merchandising

Easily create and manage complex product catalogs, construct product bundles, define merchandising relationships between products and syndicate them to every customer touchpoint.

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Account-specific Catalog and Pricing

Implement account-specific catalog and pricing for every buyer across brands, lines of business, geographies and channels.

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Catalog Syndication

Share catalog content and data to sell on third-party marketplaces, power your digital experience platform, and activate any channel that requires product data.

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Dynamic Bundles

Configure and manage dynamic bundles, making it easy for customers to order the right products and services at once.

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