With Elastic Path, You Can

Improve Experience and Boost Lifetime Value

Create remarkable experiences through personalization based on a customer’s profile, behavior, and interactions. Leverage a personal tone with consistent pricing, product, and promotions across all channels, contextualizing your offers to ultimately reinforce loyalty and drive ARPU growth.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Empower your marketing team with a business-friendly UI so they can easily configure new marketing promotions and offers. Utilize insights to quickly pivot and adjust how offers and promotions are presented and accelerate time-to-market. All at the speed of their own great ideas without ever having to rely on help from IT.

Experiment with New Touchpoints

Our API-driven headless commerce solution allows you to get creative with your use of touchpoints and remain leading-edge with the rapid adoption of new touchpoints as they emerge. Whether it's connected home, chat-bots, virtual assistants, AR/VR or others, 3rd party developers can easily develop channel applications thanks to our well-documented APIs.

Innovate with Bundling and Dynamic Pricing

Remove your limitations within market segments by creating high-value propositions for consumers by combining traditional, digital and 3rd party services. Quickly configure fixed, dynamic or nested bundles and bring them to market across channels to modernize your offerings as a self-serve approach, increasing overall revenue growth and average order size.

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A Few of Our Telecom Customers

"One of the best benefits of Elastic Path Commerce is that it’s future-proof. Going forward, we’ll be able to create magical new experiences that no one has even thought of yet.”

- Sven Friedli, Head of Architecture Management & Technology Transformation.

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81% say their greatest barrier to digital transformation is existing legacy systems and only 4% of telecoms believe their own organization delivers consistent, personalized and contextually relevant customer experiences. Remove your barriers.

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