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Elastic Path for B2B Manufacturing

With Elastic Path, You Can

Build Digital Relationships

B2B buyers expect sellers to know what service level agreements, including negotiated pricing and order history. Unfortunately, this information is missing from their digital buying experience. Elastic Path addresses this by allowing businesses to set up account-specific buying experiences for each individual customer.

Drive Global Growth & Efficiency

Managing global expansion can be daunting mainly because each country has their own long list of local requirements and supply chain complexities. Knowing this, Elastic Path powers global commerce strategy by configuring the system to meet country-specific and buyer-specific requirements.

Manage Complex Purchase Flows

Buyers have more available choice than ever. Businesses that don’t meet customer expectations in offering convenience with personalized and contextual information risk losing their relationships. In digitizing complex purchase flows, Elastic Path allows sales teams to shift from order-taking to nurturing, increasing the strength and value of customer relationships.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Legacy applications and organizational silos hold companies back from taking full advantage of new technologies and emerging customer touchpoints. The Elastic Path platform empowers businesses to bring creative freedom to the B2B space through rapid innovation and experimentation with touchpoints. All without ever slowing down or disrupting the business.

67% of purchases for
multiple industrial manufacturing and
pack-and-ship industries were
influenced by digital in 2018.

A Few of Our Manufacturing Customers

Johnstone Supply Logo

"I love Elastic Path’s flexibility and its ability to do things out-of-the-box that other platforms can’t do at all. It meets our current requirements and our long-term future requirements. It gives us the power to craft our site just how we want it and create a personalized experience for each customer."

- Carla Gonzales, E-Commerce Manager, Würth.

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Elastic Path Commerce for B2B

Our platform delivers a set of capabilities and tools that empower businesses to manage complex account-specific buyer experiences on a single platform.

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Built by the brightest minds in commerce, understand how Elastic Path for B2B extends commerce to all facets of an organization, handles the staggering complexity B2B organizations face, can tailor the purchase experience for every organization and buyer, and more.