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Acquia Commerce Framework Integration

Composable commerce experiences require multiple modes of integration with the content management system (CMS). Acquia Commerce Framework (ACF) combines Drupal as the "glass" and a decoupled e-commerce platform to power the commerce engine. ACF is a reference framework for integrating headless commerce platforms with Drupal. It is a pluggable system that you can write commerce integrations for using a set of Drupal blocks (visual components). 

Our connector for integration with the Acquia Commerce Framework demonstrates best practices when integrating headless commerce platforms with traditional, monolithic CMS platforms.


  • Drupal content types to represent products, categories, etc. in Drupal
  • Commerce-enabled front-end components (add-to-cart, minicart, etc.)
  • JavaScript service layer, which provides the actual commerce implementation for the visual components, and can be swapped out using a plugin system
  • Importer tooling for importing products, categories and product images from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and into Drupal
  • Config module, for pointing at your desired Elastic Path Commerce Cloud store
  • Service layer plugin for the ACF front-end components, which enables the existing front-end components to talk to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud



  • Leverages Drupal's caching for stable content (product names, descriptions)
  • Makes live commerce calls directly from the front-end (e.g., add-to-cart, fetching live price, etc.)
  • Empowers site builders by providing visual, composable components
  • Empowers JS developers (automates front-end dependency management, no need to write PHP)
  • Supports swappable service layer (we wrote an Elastic Path Commerce Cloud service layer, but it could also support one any of our headless competitors in the same way)