Current Version:

8.0, 9.0


Partner Integrations: Plug-in

Pricing Model:

Quotation Based

Works with:

Elastic Path Commerce

Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax

Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax


Vertex Inc. is a leading tax software and services provider, empowering global commerce. Vertex connects customers and partners across industries to deliver the most trusted tax solutions to businesses globally.


• Most Up-To-Date Tax Rates and Rules
• Integrated Address Cleansing
• Ease of Use
• Easy Install & Simple Setup     
• Real-Time Tax Calculation
• Industry Leader in Tax Technology


• Allow Customer Taxability Driver
• Integrated Address Cleansing
• Non-Standard Product Taxability Rules
• Product and Product Class Mapping
• Tax Calculated Automatically Behind the Scenes
• Tax Calculation for Estimates and Orders

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