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    Instant On



    Pricing Model

    Quotation Based


This Elasticsearch Instant On integration is pre-built to support a no-code integration from Elastic Path Composable Commerce to Elastic Search. The integration can be configured quickly within Commerce Manager and run immediately to set up your Elasticsearch indexes.

Elasticsearch is the easiest way to add rich, relevant search to a website or applications, whether it be a corporate website, a customer support portal, internal helpdesk, or a mobile app for customers. Elasticsearch comes with all of the built-in features needed to design premium search experiences, including intuitive relevance tuning and out-of-the-box search analytics to help optimize the content being created, plus APIs to connect all content sources, no matter where they sit. Brands get all of this up and running without onerous professional services engagements, and with game-changing resource based pricing, it means only paying for the services used.

Key Features:

  • Full catalog updates
  • Delta catalog updates
  • Handles multiple catalogs

Supporting Docs

Elastic Search documentation.

Use Cases

Customer use cases.