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The Customer Has Never Been More Right

The reality is that innovating customer experience is an increasingly competitive necessity. And it requires a different mind-set. One that creates delight, not just better products. One that’s customer-centric, but not customer led. And that’s why companies are turning to Elastic Path, a Visionary for 2 years in a row by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2017.

We will be showcasing our enterprise commerce platform to illustrate how leading brands—Tesla, Carnival, Swisscom, LVMH, Breville—are delivering the most advanced, personalised transactions based on individual preferences.

With our headless API-based commerce platform, you can:

  • embed commerce across all touchpoints - unifying customer experiences that maximise engagement and conversion
  • create personalised customer experiences without relying on IT
  • innovate faster by understanding your customer’s true intent

Drive new customer experiences, increase demand, and monetise in the moment. Come and see our demo or book a meeting with us at Gartner CX 2018.

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