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Make the most of your commerce ecosystem with the latest and most innovative frontend and backend technologies such as Composable Commerce, MACH, and JAMStack.


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Your car is only as good as it’s engine, and the same goes for your eCommerce experiences. Leverage only the best technology to power your solution with Elastic Path.


Composable Commerce 
Outpace the competition with Composable Commerce


Composable Commerce is a modern digital approach which leverages best-in-class technology from an ecosystem of vendors, in which eCommerce teams are empowered to select, assemble and compose differentiated commerce solutions to satisfy their unique business needs.

To de-risk the complexity of Composable Commerce, Elastic Path has created the Composable Commerce Hub which is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that brings together a robust library of Pre-Composed Solutions, Accelerators and an ecosystem of eCommerce software vendors and System Integrators to ensure you can rapidly deliver your experiences

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Composable Commerce Ecosystem




Microservices. API-first. Cloud Native. Headless Commerce
The core technology that powers the Composable Commerce experience.



Front-end Technologies

Your frontend experience is crucial to establishing your brand identity and creating engaging customer experiences. Therefore you will want to ensure your developing team is equipped with the right tools to quickly get your experience up and running and make changes at market demands.


Vue.js is an approachable, versatile, and performant progressive JavaScript framework that is easy to learn and build eCommerce experiences on top of.
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Angular open-source ecommerce framework lets you extend HTML vocabulary, resulting in an expressive, readable, and quick to develop the environment for your store.
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Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.
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Next.js uses all of the great parts that React brings you and makes it even simpler to get your eCommerce store up and running.
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Speed is everything in the world of eCommerce, especially during peak sales seasons. JAMstack websites take care of all the instances where you need some dynamic rendering, like discount information, checkout process, payment, etc. where you would use JavaScript and APIs to do the work, be it custom-built or third party service plugged to your site.
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API Tools and Technologies


Postman is a collaboration platform for API development that helps you explore and efficiently use Elastic Path APIs. It allows accelerating time to market for the onboarding of new touchpoints and changes to existing front-end experiences.

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Java SDK

With our SDK and a rich feature set at your fingertips, power your inventory, carts, categorization, search, shopping cart, and more. We help you to easily create and bring to life beautiful eCommerce experiences.

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