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Elastic Path provides the game-changing products to launch your eCommerce marketplace strategy. Whether you’re looking to sell into an existing marketplace like Amazon or Alibaba or build your own.


What is an eCommerce Marketplace?

An eCommerce marketplace  is a digital commerce experience that showcases products from multiple vendors or sellers. A brand can sell its own products with the option of featuring third party products.

The eCommerce marketplace sector is a trillion dollar industry and 60% of all US online shoppers start their product search from a marketplace, according to eMarketer.

Having a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace platform gives your customers a convenient one stop shop to compare similar products without switching from site to site. 
When executed appropriately, eCommerce marketplaces, especially those who support a third party model, are an excellent strategy to increase conversion, revenue, and customer satisfaction. 

eCommerce Marketplace Benefits

Elastic Path supports your ability to design and launch third-party marketplace solutions that  elevate your brand’s commerce strategy.

Maximize Your Selling Potential

Expanding your business to a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace gives third-party sellers the chance to contribute their growing catalog of products and services to your existing one. Create variety for your customers and give them more options of items to purchase.

Minimize Inventory Challenges

The third-party model increases your inventory options, which will reduce the chances of experiencing “out-of-stock” scenarios.

Decrease Fulfillment and Inventory Cost

Having a third-party multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace eliminates the cost of producing and fulfilling inventory. You can redirect those funds to creating differentiated product experiences that will increase conversion and revenue.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Studies show that consumers prefer marketplaces over brands’ websites for repeat purchase. Your eCommerce marketplace can help cater to consistent returning customers.

Cultivate New Sources of Revenue

As the eCommerce marketplace operator, you will have the opportunity to develop new revenue streams outside of direct selling. Leverage techniques like subscription or membership fees to consumers or charging fixed fees for every transaction to merchants.


eCommerce Marketplace Use Cases


Sell into an Existing eCommerce Marketplace
  • Capitalize on a larger market by adding your products and services to an existing marketplace
  • Create customized pricing across direct channels and marketplaces
  • Capture all orders using one solution
Create Your Own Marketplace
  • Maximize your revenue by selling and managing both your and product third-party products and services
  • Manage and collect surcharges for facilitating marketplace integrations among third party sellers
  • Integrate your preferred marketplace vendor with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to deliver differentiated experiences with ease

Exelon Partners With Elastic Path & Mirakl to Power Energy Marketplace

"A premier user experience that is frictionless, proactive, personalized, seamless and satisfying for our customers. Along with educating customers more generally,  this capability allows us to provide essential information about how a product or service can help them satisfy an energy service need. And by doing so, it allows customers to complete a transaction with Exelon with minimal friction and effort." - Exelon


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