eCommerce Marketplace Solutions by Elastic Path

Elastic Path supports businesses with marketplace needs. Whether you want to sell into an existing marketplace such as Alibaba and Amazon, or establish your own industry-specific marketplace, Elastic Path is your trusted partner.


What Is an eCommerce Marketplace?

Online marketplaces and enterprise marketplaces are digital commerce platforms that showcase products from multiple vendors or sellers. Your brand can sell your own products with the option of featuring third-party products.

According to a consumer survey by emarketer, about half of all searches start on marketplaces.

When done right, eCommerce Marketplaces, especially those that support a third-party model, take user experience a notch above traditional digital commerce avenues. Not only are consumers able to save a trip to a physical store, but now they have a one-stop shop to compare similar products and can avoid toggling from site to site. eCommerce marketplaces’ usability, convenience, and accessibility continues to attract shoppers – presenting an opportunity for brands like yours.

eCommerce Marketplace Benefits

Elastic Path provides unique third party eCommerce Marketplace Solutions with significant benefits for websites, including:

Increased Catalog Size
Reduced instances of running out of stock
Lowered fulfillment and inventory costs
Improved customer loyalty
More new sources of revenue

Exelon Partners With Elastic Path & Mirakl to Power Energy Marketplace

"A premier user experience that is frictionless, proactive, personalized, seamless and satisfying for our customers. Along with educating customers more generally,  this capability allows us to provide essential information about how a product or service can help them satisfy an energy service need. And by doing so, it allows customers to complete a transaction with Exelon with minimal friction and effort." - Exelon

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Leverage Catalog Composer Now

Catalog Composer leverages the industry's only decoupled catalog architecture, originally introduced as part of Product Content Management, to empower you to rapidly compose and continuously optimize products and pricing into unlimited, unique catalogs across all your routes-to-market.

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Demo Your Next eCommerce Marketplace Solution Today

According to Gartner, 30% of enterprise marketplaces will soon transition into a majority third-party seller model for better profitability.

Schedule a demo today to see how Elastic Path can fulfill your marketplace needs with our eCommerce marketplace solution. You should schedule a demo if you’re an eCommerce organization that wants to:

- Improve customer experience and/or operational efficiency

- Scale your business beyond linear selling relations with customers

- Create new technical and operational capabilities, especially if you’ve had difficulties doing so before.

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