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Built for Developers

Elastic Path offers the industry’s most developer-friendly e-commerce framework for Fortune 500 companies seeking to create unparalleled customer experiences. No other agile commerce solution can match Elastic Path’s extreme flexibility.

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Flexibility and agility are powerful catalysts for organizations that need to bridge the gulf between business users seeking rapid innovation and developers who need to maintain security, scalability, and performance.

The Elastic Path ecommerce framework has long attracted a cult following among agile developers who love our Extreme Flexibility™. We make extensive use of trusted open source projects, allowing our customers to deploy scalable, secure, and robust applications that are unique to each environment.

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Extend without fear

Your mission is to provide commerce services that power unique, differentiated digital experiences. With conventional ecommerce frameworks, that’s a recipe for long nights and painful upgrades. Elastic Path makes your job easier by giving you the tools, methods, and features necessary to streamline extensions and upgrades. We’re obsessed with this, because we’re developers too.

Layered for Innovation

Future proof your architecture with proper decoupling of front-end experiences & touchpoints from core business logic and legacy back-end systems. Hypermedia REST APIs are utilized for north-bound integrations. JMS and event-based messaging is provided for south-bound integrations. Allow each layer to evolve independently, enabling your developers to focus on innovation and not years of code entanglement.

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Elastic Path Commerce delivers up to 98% efficiency when clustering horizontally via our stateless REST API. With support for highly-scalable technologies like Oracle RAC and ehcache, as well as native support for Amazon Web Services scaling, Elastic Path is built to work with proven performance solutions.

Proven in the field

Elastic Path has been battle-tested by the world’s most demanding customers — a mobile operator with 150 million subscribers, a publisher that adds over 20,000 titles every month, and an Internet Retailer® Top 50 digital seller. Every year, we generate billions in revenue for our clients.

Speed means satisfaction

Individual installations of Elastic Path handle well over 20 million products and thousands of concurrent users. To maximize conversion and customer satisfaction, our customers enjoy response times that are up to 100% faster than their closest competitors, and up to 30% better than the industry average as calculated by Compuware® Gomez.

Open and Flexible - The Elastic Path Tech Stack

Built on a foundation of the industry's most trusted open source projects.

OSGi Alliance
Apache Felix
Apache Camel

There's an Integration For That

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Rarely does the “one size fits all” approach yield the results required to build and grow a customer-obsessed business. A great ecommerce ecosystem should never be limited to just one vendor. That’s why we make it easy to connect Elastic Path to a wide range of third-party commercial and open source software.

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