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Creating frictionless commerce experiences

Global brands today face an imperative to deliver a seamless experience. No matter the channel or touchpoint, the brand feel should be the same to every customer. Silos and disconnection create friction and barriers to earning business, trust and loyalty. Both Elastic Path and Acquia are committed to giving their customers the freedom to create a unified brand experience with headless commerce and content technology, open platforms, and APIs that bring the world of commerce and marketing technology together.

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Redefining the customer journey

Brands that rely on the Acquia Experience Platform along with Drupal for content management will discover tremendous opportunities for unified content for commerce with Elastic Path’s API-based commerce solutions. Together, Elastic Path and Acquia enable global brands and merchants to take control of the customer journey and deliver highly personalized, content-rich experiences across every touchpoint.

Empowering marketers

Unlike other solutions in the market, the ability to embed commerce anywhere gives marketers ultimate power. With commerce flowing through every experience and touchpoint, you now have the power to create intimate and intuitive buying experiences your customers demand and expect.

Increase sales, customer loyalty, average order value, and upsell/cross sell by merging rich and dynamic content throughout your customers’ entire shopping journey.

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  • Flexibility: Best of breed and built to fit a brand’s unique business model.
  • Personalized: Create content-rich, personalized content experiences for all customer touchpoints.
  • Unified experiences: Present a unified experience of content and commerce for buyers.
  • Future proof: Headless CMS and commerce architecture enables rapid innovation.
  • Enterprise scale: Compliance, security, scalability, and governance for enterprise demands.
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