Putting You on the Path:

Data Privacy, the GDPR, and Elastic Path

Starting May 25th, all businesses that engage with European citizens must adhere to new data privacy practices, under The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. As the GDPR creates inescapable global implications, companies around the world are reworking their privacy policies and implementing consent practices.

Elastic Path has developed business user-friendly tools that enable you to configure, manage and enforce your data policies. Elastic Path Commerce’s capabilities aim to support customer rights while maintaining your ability to seamlessly run your business.

  • Create data policies to specify which individual customer data points and retention periods should be included in store-specific policies, and track consent required for each policy

  • Manage the data policies applicable to each customer, tag and sort groups of customers, and view permissions through a user-friendly dashboard

  • Easily fulfill requests for data removal, as well as access to or correction of personal information

  • Automatically clear data after retention periods, while optionally excluding data that must be retained for legitimate reasons, and grant individuals access to their data via reports

Are you GDPR-ready?

Contact us to speak with one of our GDPR compliance experts, or to learn more about how Elastic Path Commerce can help.