Composable Commerce

Continuously launch and optimize best-of-breed commerce experiences with a Composable Commerce approach


What is Composable Commerce?


Composable Commerce is an approach that enables business and tech teams to bring their brands unique digital vision to life by launching and continuously optimizing digital commerce experiences that leverage multiple best-of-breed vendors composed together into a complete, business ready solution.  

Instead of trying to force-fit standard “out-of-the-box” eCommerce functionality to fit your needs, Composable Commerce leverages modern technologies and approaches like MACH (microservices, APIs, Cloud, and Headless) and JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, & Markup) architectures to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics now and in the future.

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State of Composable Commerce Report

eCommerce practitioners (95% of those surveyed) believe Composable Commerce is the approach businesses should take. Even those who have not yet implemented the approach believe in the next 5 years most - if not all- companies will be using the approach. 


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Composable Commerce Tenets

The core elements of a Composable Commerce approach 

Modular Architecture

Modular Architecture 


Leverage the Right Level of Granularity

Support more agile delivery, faster time to market, and improved customer experiences across all devices and touchpoints.

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Open Ecosystem

Open Ecosystem


Prevent Vendor Lock-Ins

Assemble best of breed components around your core commerce service by leveraging a library of assets, a comprehensive framework for integration as well as guides to reduce the time to compose.

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Business Centric Solutions

Business Centric Solutions


Enable Business Teams

Leverage business user tooling, as well as quick starts known as Pre-Composed solutions to get your solution up and running faster without the risk and complexity of piecing together MACH based technology.

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Explore The Top Barriers to Composable Commerce & How to Overcome Them


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Composable Commerce Ecosystem

Every brand's unique commerce stack, composed from best-of-breed vendors. 

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Composable Commerce Ecosystem at Elastic Path


How Does MACH Play a Role in Composable Commerce?


Dynamic arrangement of independently packaged business capabilities that enable flexible development to be deployed quickly.


Software intermediaries that are crucial for accelerated development of new channels and time to market for commerce experiences.

Cloud Native

SaaS model commerce service that offers elastic scalability and robust security so you use the capabilities you need on demand, without deploying your entire suite solution.

Headless Commerce

The strategy of decoupling the frontend presentation layer from the backend commerce engine layer enables businesses to deliver continuous customer journeys across multiple touchpoints without backend dependencies.


MACH is a core technology component of Composable Commerce.

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De-Risk Your Complete Multi-Vendor, Composable Solution with Elastic Path





Pre-Composed Solutions™

Accelerate your time-to-market with ready-to-use, business-ready solutions that eliminate the complexity of stitching together everything on your own.



Make custom composing your unique eCommerce solution easier and faster with reference applications and pre-built extensions.


Composable Commerce XATM

Rely on one provider for support across your multi-vendor solution and always remain confident in your system.

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Composable Commerce: How is it changing eCommerce experiences?


The Composable Commerce design principle leverages "best-in-class" commerce services, to deliver all the functionality you would have previously gotten exclusively from one eCommerce platform. This new approach utilizes the various vendors that provide much more robust functionality for the one thing they do, rather than relying on one vendor to produce standard functionality fit for everyone. Gartner also explains of how Composable Commerce is for the future.

Composable Commerce embraces uniqueness, differentiation and understands that “functionality fit for everyone” will not be enough. The composability technique empowers you to literally select and assemble functionality for your specific business requirements. Let this not be confused with being left alone on an empty canvas with just a bunch of vendors. This new approach is designed to be a web of vendor-supported technologies that emphasizes round the clock and assured support, reliability and security from a vendor like Elastic Path.

An example of a typical composable commerce stack would include best-in-class services covering all the capabilities commonly included in a traditional eCommerce Platform, such as order management, inventory, Salsify product information management (PIM), TaxJar for tax, shipping, fulfillment, Contentful for the content management system (CMS), and Stripe for the payment gateway, just to name a few. There is a healthy balance of functionality from your supported vendor and external expert commerce services within the stack, which eliminates the possibility of compromising for certain functionality for your commerce experience. This architecture caters to both your business and technical needs.


Business Benefits: 

  • Monetize any customer touchpoint. 
  • Deliver highly differentiated commerce experiences to stand against competitors. 
  • Enable commerce experiences with complex business requirements with pinpoint control and precision.


Technical Benefits: 

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in risk with the ability to swap in/out components on demand over time as needed.
  • Rapidly respond to changing business requirements.
  • Leverage modern technology standards to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies like system management and staffing.


Composable Commerce Resources 



Using Composable Commerce to Power Omnichannel Experiences

The average modern consumer uses six touch points before buying an item. Each touch point is an opportunity to inspire consumers with product information or brand experiences. The smoother the transaction, the more chances the goods will land in the hands of the consumer.

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Composable Commerce Guide

See the revolutionary benefits of utilizing a Composable Commerce Strategy in our comprehensive guide that details the 4 key tenets that need to be adhered to get the full benefits of Composable Commerce.