Elastic Path vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Upgrade to Elastic Path for a single platform with the flexibility to power any experiences and reduce your TCO.

2x Faster Page Load Speed

Deliver unique, lightning-fast experiences that will delight your customers enabled by a modern highly extensible microservices architecture.

Reduce TCO by up to 50%

Reduce your total cost of ownership and drive revenue with a growth-proof investment.

One Platform, All Channels

With reimagined catalog management, dizzyingly complex workarounds are a thing of the past.

Get to Market Faster

Launch a complete Composable Commerce solution within weeks with Pre-Composed Solutions™.



Just Launched: Salesforce Migration Package

Say goodbye to the dated architecture and high costs of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Embrace Composable Commerce with our complete Salesforce Migration Package.

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Guide to Replatforming your eCommerce Solution

Ready to move off of Salesforce Commerce Cloud but not sure how? Check out our replatforming guide for tips and steps to take to make your migration successful.

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How Do Brands Benefit From Migrating to Elastic Path?

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership


On average, brands that switched to a Composable Commerce solution from a legacy platform saved 5x more on the cost of changes, weeks on developer time, and were able to make changes easily and quickly.

Increase your Flexibility and Ability to Innovate

Salesforce is a monolithic solution that provides a multitude of functionality out-of-the-box while Elastic Path is a composable, API-first, Headless Commerce solution that enables brands to design and deploy “best-for-me” solutions made up of their chosen partners.



Which eCommerce Solution Is Right For My Business?

Salesforce Is a Good Fit If:
  • You are only focused on B2C OR you are comfortable running your B2B and B2C channels with two entirely different commerce platforms.

  • You are solely a B2C/D2C business who does not need robust B2B functionality.

  • You have a medium - large sized product catalog with simple products that only need infrequent basic updates.

  • Your business is centered around your webshop and you do not have numerous other touchpoints across mobile, app, kiosk, etc

  • You are confident that your needs beyond core commerce can be met by other Salesforce technology (service, marketing, etc.) or are willing to invest in custom partner integrations.
Elastic Path Is A Good Fit If:
  • You have multiple business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and want the convenience of running them all on one commerce platform. 

  • You run a B2B or B2B2C business and you need robust B2B functionality to support those needs. 

  • You need to be able to quickly create multiple unique catalogs across customer accounts, geographies, touchpoints, etc. and support large product catalogs.

  • You have a unique brand vision that you want to bring to life through engaging, customer-first experiences, across multiple channels. 

  • You want to build a “best-for-me" commerce solution that leverages industry leading commerce solutions.  All of which can be easily switched in and out if necessary.

Discover More of What Elastic Path Can Do For You


Easily Launch Unique, Unlimited Catalogs

Create unlimited catalogs for different business models, accounts, regions, or touchpoints with Catalog Composer.   Learn more.>>


Localize Any Site

Connect with customers where they are, with support for multiple languages, currencies, payments, and translations.


Simplify Composable Commerce

See what a Composable architecture is made of, with this demo featuring Elastic Path, Algolia, and Contentful.

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