Elastic Path vs Commercetools

This page details the differences between Elastic Path and Commercetools. Choosing the right eCommerce platform is critical. We are committed to providing you with the best information.

Comparison Overview

When we simply look at a side by side comparison of a service offering from Elastic Path vs Commercetools, they both offer similar commerce SaaS.  However, the details of each of these services are crucial to understanding the best solution for your business. Elastic Path will help you evaluate the Commercetools architecture, API and other differences between the two companies to help you achieve your unique business goals. This analysis does not cover a comparison of commerce features, because the importance of each feature will depend on customer business requirements and will differ from commerce initiative to commerce initiative.


Both Elastic Path and Commercetools provide headless, microservices-based SaaS commerce service suitable for enterprises of different sizes serving virtually any vertical. Commercetools provides a set of hyper-granular APIs that are a fit for brands with a high level of technical maturity and minimal need for the business users to have control. They simply offer a set of technology, not the support and quick-starts that most brands will need to launch API-first, Headless Commerce.  The Elastic Path offering makes it easier for brands to adopt modern, API-first commerce via our business-friendly core commerce solution, our quick-starts in the Composable Commerce Hub, and our Experience Assurance which provides multi-vendor support.  It is suitable for organizations that want the control to create differentiated experiences but need to be able to move fast and include their business team in daily commerce management.  

Elastic Path is more than just a set of technology, we provide the full offering for brands who want to deliver Composable Commerce solutions via: 

  • Composable, Omnichannel Architecture -> Elastic Path Commerce Cloud: which is made up of core commerce capabilities, like catalog, orders, etc., that can be easily composed together and with third party applications to meet business needs.  No more navigating 300+ APIs that don't tie to business value. 
  • Business-Ready Solutions -> Composable Commerce Hub: The Composable Commerce Hub helps de-risk multi-vendor solutions by providing business-ready Pre-Composed solutions to get up and running quickly and Accelerators to make custom composing your experiences faster and easier. 
  • Multi-vendor Experience Assurance -> Composable Commerce XA™: The only multi-vendor experience assurance on the market that provides complete support across your multi-vendor ecosystem.  So that you can save time with one single partner to call, whenever something goes wrong.
  • 5x Faster Catalog Management -> Catalog Composer: Catalog managment capability that leverages the industy's only completely de-coupled catalog management to make managing unlimited catalogs across accounts, business models, brands, geographies, and touchpoints easy and fast. 
  • A powerful extensibility framework allows developers to quickly enhance platform capabilities, adapt front-end experiences, and configure standard commerce capabilities.
  • Comprehensive education program following industry best practices on delivery, format, and process to provide developers with all the necessary knowledge in the most efficient way.

With Elastic Path Commerce Cloud your organization will be able to deliver unique commerce experiences at unprecedented speeds.