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Aug 12, 2011 | 1 minute read

Why Your Email List Is Not Growing

written by Linda Bustos

Something that surprises me about so many of the Internet Retailer 500 is that their e-mail sign up calls to action can be so hard to find. In fact, many of them are so far below the fold, it makes you wonder whether the care about growing their e-mail program.

Many sites' Facebook icon is given more love than the e-mail list - and in case you weren't aware, it's danged hard to get any attention for content posted on Facebook.

Despite the hype, social media is not more important than email marketing!

It's simple. If you want to get more e-mail subscribers for your promotional campaigns, you've got to optimize your call to action! You may not be able to convert every visitor to a sale, but what if your website could be adding more value to your business through micro conversions like an e-mail sign up?

Of course, this is a perfect opportunity for A/B testing, but at the very least your call to action should be above the fold and prominent.

The process then should be as frictionless as possible, making only the most important fields required, and your form is friendly as it can be.

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