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Jul 3, 2008 | 3 minute read

Why eCommerce is a Lot Like ICanHasCheezburger

written by Linda Bustos

ICanHasCheezburger is a photoblog where users can submit funny cat pictures with captions. Users are encouraged to "Lolspeak" which has evolved into common buzzwords like "oh hai," "ur doing it wrong," "srsly" and "kthxbai." A lot of people surf ICHC while they're supposed to be working.

Ecommerce websites upload product pictures and descriptions. Etailers speak gibberish like "average conversion rate," "landing page optimization" and "Geo-IP targeting." A lot people shop online when they're supposed to be working.

Today's post is a tribute to online retailers and cat lovers everywhere. For each ecommerce topic, there is a Cheezburger pic and a link to a related article (most on Get Elastic, a few from our blogger frendz). Hope u likez.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO Myths

Jill Whalen's Top 10 SEO Organic Myths
Lee Odden's 5 Myths About SEO
Tadeusz Szewczyk's Top 10 SEO Myths V2

Improving Click Through Rates

Short URLs Attract 250% Higher Click-Through in Organic Search
An Example of Excellent Search Result Marketing
PPC Advertising: Are You Selling Yourself in Your Ads?


Marketing Pilgrim Guest Post: 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics
Problogger Guest Post: Almost 7 Ways to Re-Optimize Your Blog Posts
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Product Pages

Product Descriptions

Improve Product Descriptions Using Customer Reviews
Janet Meiners' What Customers Want: More Detailed Product Descriptions

Show Products in Context

Can Product Images Improve Conversion?

Calls-to-Action / Cart Buttons

107 Add to Cart Buttons of Top Online Retailers
Call to Action Buttons: Does Size Matter?

Image Zoom

How Top Retailers Show Product Images

Increasing Average Order Value


Webinar: Effective Online Merchandising, What Sells?
Crazy Ecommerce Video: Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…
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Up-selling / Cross-Selling

Cross-Selling Tips for Online Retailers
User Generated Cross-Sells, Why Isn't Anyone Doing It?
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Product Subscriptions

Amazon's Novel Way to Increase Customer Loyalty
Asking Customers to Go Steady: Tips for Repeat Orders

Design and Usability

Site Navigation

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Alternative Navigation

Office Max Reinvents Navigation

Site Search

Why You Should Turn On Google Site Search Today
Optimizing Site Search for Non-Product Information
Crazy Ecommerce Video: Zero Results Found
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Design Vs. Art Blog: Pop-ups Are Bad for Usability

Slow Loading Pages

Alan Rimm-Kaufman shares tips for speeding up your site's load time
Crazy Ecommerce Video: Banana-rama-rama-rama...

Registration Usability

Registration Usability: 87 Registration Forms Tested
Registration Usability - Permission Email Dos and Donts

Landing Page Optimization

Creating Compelling Copy

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Personalization / IP Targeting

Using Geo-IP To Tailor Content Delivery
Webinar Recap: Love, Faith & Hope: Conversion Meets Customer Behavior
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Cart Abandonment

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Losing Customers at the Register: 12 Checkout Blunders

Dealing With FUDDs

Cart Abandonment: Nipping FUDDs in the Bud

Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy Usability Tips

Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Make Emails Look Good With Images Off
Tips for Writing Welcome Emails
Do Your Email Subject Lines Deliver?
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Unwanted Email

Consumers Believe Spam Means Unwanted, Not Unsolicited Email

Product Guides / Tutorial Marketing

Copyblogger: The Return of Tutorial Marketing?

Holiday and Event Marketing

Webinar: 7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Holiday Conversion Rate
Webinar: 12 Things Retailers Must Learn from Christmas '07
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Value-Added Incentives

Giving Gift Givers More Options

Customer Service

Live Chat

GrokDotCom: Make Your Live Chat Persuasive
Internet Retailer: 10 Tips for Employing Live Chat Profitably

Responding to Emails

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Return Policies

Dodging Dishonest Customer Chargebacks

Free Return Shipping

Good Customer Service Still the Best Word-of-Mouth Strategy

Building Community / Social Media

Ratings and Reviews

How to Attract Customer Reviews
How to Ask for Customer Reviews, Nicely
Webinar: User Reviews: The Power of Social Commerce
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User Submitted Photos

Do Customer Submitted Photos Add Value?

Community Moderation

Fake Customer Reviews, Bad Product Reviews - What to Do?

Reputation Management

Invesp Guest Post: Common Reputation Management Issues and How to Address Them

Turning a Reputation Crisis into an Opportunity