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Jun 21, 2023 | 6 minute read

Unstack Q&A with Vice President of Growth Grant Deken

written by Abisola Adeyemo

In today’s market, merchandisers are facing the pressure to increase conversion rates and customer lifetime value by creating engaging, personalized commerce experiences. While a Composable Commerce approach promises the flexibility to meet the requirements quickly, the reality is that complexity of building a frontend has left brands with heavy reliance on technical teams, delayed time-to-market for new features & experiences, and expensive time-consuming integration builds. All of these complexities means brands are missing growth targets or abandoning a composable approach altogether.

But this does not have to be the case anymore. Elastic Path acquired Unstack, a frontend-as-a-service company, which empowers merchandisers with a blazing fast no-code frontend and the ability to drive revenue with personalized turn-key storefronts and shoppable landing pages.

I sat down with Unstack founder and CEO who is now the Vice President of Growth at Elastic Path Grant Deken to learn more about Elastic Path Frontend (formerly Unstack) and how this partnership is driving growth and  Composable Commerce adoption for brands.

1. Q: What is Unstack?


Elastic Path Frontend, formerly known as Unstack is a frontend-as-a-service product that gives business teams the ability to build and launch personalized shoppable landing pages and turn-key storefronts.

2. Q: How does Unstack help brands?


Elastic Path Frontend (Unstack)  brings commerce, content, and customer data together for business users to quickly orchestrate unique frontend experiences that drive business growth without reliance on IT.  It also reduces the complexity of building composable solutions with one-click integrations that eliminate custom development work for key areas like tracking and analytics, hosted checkout and on-site personalization.

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3. Q: How is Unstack unique in the market?


Elastic Path Frontend not only empowers business users with the tools to create highly personalized no-code frontend experiences, but it also serves as a fully hosted end-to-end solution to rapidly launch turn-key storefronts. It is also the only eCommerce experience design platform that is paired with a robust customer data and analytics engine.

4. Q: Describe the partnership between Unstack and Elastic Path.


The partnership allows brands to reduce implementation times significantly. By combining the frontend journey with backend analytics , the solution helps merchandisers make informed decisions that support growth. Having the support of Elastic Path’s ecosystem and the network of partners will help brands deliver on their business goals.

5. Q: What’s next for Unstack?


Elastic Path Frontend will continue to help brands leverage data to accelerate growth and customer engagement. The Unstack product will also continue to evolve with deeper integration and support from Elastic Path, while maintaining the mission of simplifying Composable Commerce frontends. 

You can learn more about how Unstack is empowering brands here