December 24th, 2021 | 2 MIN READ

The Truth About Apple Pay for eCommerce

Written by Elastic Path Team

apple pay for ecommerce

This post was originally posted in 2010 and has been updated for relevancy.

Is Apple Pay the Way for Digital Wallets?

Mobile wallets have infiltrated digital commerce, offering a way to streamline checkout across desktop, mobile, and apps. Eliminating the need to remember or carry shipping addresses and credit card numbers, digital wallets such as Apple Pay reduce errors and boost conversions. But is Apple Pay right for your checkout?

Apple Pay by the numbers

As of September 2019, there were approximately 441 million Apple Pay users worldwide, up from 292 million users in the corresponding period of the previous year. An estimated 48 percent of iPhone users had enabled Apple Pay.

Research shows Apple’s availability is on the rise by 20%. They suggest this number comes out of a need for merchants and banks to align payment with shopper behavior and preference, as well as the eCommerce boom during the pandemic.

Further findings show increases in the following as of 2020:

  • Desktop adoption increased to 28 of 100 sites compared to 23 a year ago, up 22%
  • Mobile jumped to 39 of 100 sites versus 28 last year, up 39%
  • iOS apps were 43 of 100 compared to 36 last year, up 20%
  • Supporting banks increased to 5,480 globally, up 29%

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Building a case for Apple Pay

Apple Pay may be worth a trial when:

  • Your mobile traffic is greater than 75%, with a high percentage of iOS users
  • You serve a younger, tech-savvier customer base that both uses and prefers mobile wallets
  • You don’t already offer two or more alternative payments (e.g. PayPal, MasterPass, Visa, Amazon Pay) -- too much choice can lower conversion
  • Account creation is optional, not required

Disadvantages to Apple Pay

  • It’s unknown if the zero-fee trend will continue as Apple Pay gains popularity
  • High upgrade costs for retailers on devices and training; due to these costs retailers may be slow to adopt or avoid it which affects availability

While Apple Pay is increasingly offered by ecommerce platforms and payment gateways, it’s not a silver bullet for digital merchants. If you’re struggling with mobile conversion, ensure you’re regularly improving mobile checkout usability and site performance.

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