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Apr 29, 2011 | 1 minute read

Creating Urgency on the Shopping Cart Page

written by Linda Bustos

If you caught last post, you'll recall that I promised a follow up with tips for shopping cart pages. Well, I'm going to extend the cliffhanger a little bit - you'll have to hang tight until Monday, because I wanted to share these examples of creating urgency in the cart (as recommended last post) that I came across while preparing my next post.

We know that a portion of you customers will abandon because they are simply not ready to purchase right away - perhaps they want to comparison shop, they need to discuss with a spouse, they are waiting for a paycheck or just a rainy day. The comparison shoppers and "rainy days" are the ones you want to win over with urgency.

CompUSA shows a large callout with "You saved $119.00 today. Check out now before these deals expire!"

It also includes what could be a subliminal message. Did you catch it? "Order today. Ships today." (This would be an interesting test!)

Overstock highlights sellout risk:

This makes the shopper think about how much they really want the item, as it may not be available tomorrow.

Any other ideas of how to create a sense of urgency in the cart?