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Aug 10, 2012 | 1 minute read

Shopping Cart Abandonment Stats [Infographic]

written by Linda Bustos

While shopping cart abandonment statistics vary between 50% and 70%, depending on the study, it's always useful to see why people abandon carts. This week's infographic was created by Milo remixed from comScore data. Hat tip to Econsultancy for this find.


One really interesting finding is it's better to not show a delivery standard than to show one that exceeds 7 days. 38% would abandon a cart when delivery standard is 8 days or more, while only 24% would jump cart when no standard is given. But remember, this measures conversion rate, but doesn't take into account the cost of customer service for ticked off customers.

Tweetable facts:

67% of carts abandoned according to comScore Tweet this stat

57% of consumers abandoned a purchase due to "window shopping", 56% just saving for later Tweet this stat

38% of consumers abandoned cart when delivery estimate exceeded 7 days Tweet this stat

60% of consumers believe a guaranteed delivery date is important Tweet this stat

73% of consumers want to see free shipping in checkout Tweet this stat

56% of online shoppers want a variety of payment options Tweet this stat

32% of online shoppers want to see product recommendations in the cart Tweet this stat

Online shoppers choose the cheapest shipping option 2/3 of the time Tweet this stat

45% of online shops make money and 45% lose money on shipping Tweet this stat