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Mar 13, 2009 | 2 minute read

Saving High Dollar Sales: A Great Example of Triggered Email

written by Linda Bustos

A few months ago I went through the process of configuring a custom wheelchair at I needed help understanding the options and called customer service. Lisa walked me through the process like a knowledgeable saleswoman and prepared a custom quotation for me which I received by email.

Turns out I decided not to buy a new wheelchair and never returned to Spinlife to complete my order. Spinlife sent me a reminder email that's done so well I had to share it on Get Elastic.

Why is this so great?

1. Designed for images off.

Except for the logo, 110% Price Guarantee and cross-sells, the content is displayed properly in Gmail which by default turns images off.

My only suggestion is to add alternative image text mentioning the 110% Price Guarantee which is a strong value proposition. This is also a good practice for visually impaired users.

2. Prominent value proposition.

The email is attempting to get me to convert from Spinlife though I have other purchase options including local stores (more than double the price). The Price Guarantee is appropriate and effective.

3. Clearly states this is a quote, not a bill.

I think it would be better to mention this is a quote, not an invoice directly above the Order Details as anything in the top right hand corner may be missed depending on how the customer scans the page. Otherwise, this is very well done.

4. The 3 action options are clearly explained.

The customer understands that the cart can be edited, the purchase can be deferred a bit longer with another reminder sent, or the customer can opt out of future notification.

5. Suggests other products.

"Looking for something else?" A great question to ask to make some money off the trigger, even if the customer no longer wants the quoted package.

After opting out, I was met with this message:

"Thanks for responding to our email.

Sorry this product didn't work out for you. Your quote has been cancelled but is still stored in our system under the same number, so if you change your mind you can always call us at 1-800-850-0335 and provide either the quote number or your name.

The quote can be re-activated at anytime (although the price may change). Thanks for working with SpinLife, and we look forward to serving you at another time."

Fantastic customer service.