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Nov 5, 2008 | 1 minute read

Retail Emails Run With Election Theme

written by Linda Bustos

Every day I get about 8-15 retail emails from various e-tailers. Yesterday (US Election Day) it dipped to about 6, but 5 of those 6 referred to the election in their headlines:

Which One Will YOU Choose at Comp-U-Plus?
Fat Brain Toys Projects a Winner!
Happy Pre-Holiday Savings - Plus, Elect Free Shipping
Election Day Specials: Free Shipping Deals...
You Voted! Shop Our Best Sellers + Free Shipping

As you'd expect, fewer retailers sent emails on Election Day - voters were busy enough at the polls and glued to the news. I suppose there's nothing wrong with having an Election Day sale, but I don't see anything special about it either. What's interesting is none of these campaigns segmented me out as a Canadian.

Kudos to Fat Brain Toys for actually holding an election - for the 2008 Fat Brain Toys Award.

Delia's subject line including "You Voted!" sounds like they had a customer vote also, but it just links to the best sellers category. A real vote would have been more fun.