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Feb 16, 2024 | 5 minute read

How Total Well-Being Solution Maavee Found Composable Partners in Onport & Elastic Path

written by Lorcan Henry

This is a guest post from Lorcan Henry, Communications & Digital Content Lead at Onport, an eCommerce marketplace and dropshipping platform.

With growing customer expectations and increasingly fierce competition, the requirement for a unique eCommerce offering is more crucial than ever for leading brands.

However, creating a unique offering can be difficult, particularly for brands stuck using an off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box, monolithic solution. While such solutions may be more than suitable for some companies, those who wish to create bespoke customer touchpoints and experiences face a choice: build in-house or look externally to third-party solutions.

Limited organizational resources, such as the time and money available to spend on developers, can further complicate this dilemma. Fortunately, thanks to the emergence of MACH architecture-based technologies — standing for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless – companies can create commerce experiences that meet unique needs and requirements.

One such commerce solution belongs to Elastic Path and Onport's joint customer, Maavee.

What is Maavee?

Maavee is a wellness platform built for humans, offered by employers, and architected with purpose. Rather than offering wellness solutions with broad appeal that miss the mark, Maavee allows employers to meet the unique needs of their diverse employees through a stipend to be spent along each employee's highly personal wellness journey.

We didn't want just a monolith with a few APIs; we wanted a cloud solution architected as an API-first solution from the get-go.

wellbeinglogo2Frank A. Ricciardi Founder and CEO

Elastic Path & Maavee

As a start-up, Maavee had to manage the issues of cost and time due to limited resources. Maavee realized from the onset that for its wellness solution to achieve the level of flexibility envisioned, it would need to go Headless.

Initially, Maavee explored other providers in the space, but they soon ran into issues that prevented them from launching features core to their value proposition. After further investigation, Maavee discovered Elastic Path and how its composable architecture would facilitate the flexibility they envisioned for their platform.

Elastic Path offered Maavee the ability to launch innovative experiences – such as having an in-app currency that customers could use towards their wellness goals.

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Onport & Maavee

Maavee knew of the need to incorporate composable commerce throughout their entire stack, including a backend solution that would complement and integrate seamlessly with their front end. Many platforms required an all-in-one implementation or limited how users could construct their individual backend processes.

Once again, they found themselves looking at MACH solutions, although many such solutions required long onboarding times, something Maavee could not afford. Maavee then discovered Onport and found, within it, the perfect inventory and fulfillment solution to accompany an Elastic Path commerce engine. Maavee deployed Elastic and Onport in parallel, without issue, and in less than three months.

Onport enabled Maavee to be highly flexible in managing its brand partner relationships, allowing for a seamless flow of order, inventory, and fulfillment data that made for smooth marketplace operations.

Going Composable

Having fully embraced composable commerce and API-first technology, Maavee has been able to bring its unique product vision to life and seamlessly integrate with its brands, allowing it to expand its offering faster and remain flexible enough to respond to new opportunities and challenges.

Unlike other platforms, which are still monolithic at their core, Elastic Path and Onport are built for full composability, empowering their users to create unique customer touchpoints and experiences.

By integrating Elastic Path and Onport together in parallel, Maavee could get to market in months, scale faster, and be uncompromising in its brand vision of continuous innovation for the wellness space.

We were able to launch in less than three months, which we just couldn’t have done had we built the system ourselves.

wellbeinglogo2Frank A. Ricciardi Founder and CEO

About Onport

Onport is an eCommerce marketplace and dropshipping platform enabling companies to centralize the core areas of backend marketplace dropshipping operations using next-generation composable technology - inventory syncing, order routing, shipping workflows, payment automation and returns management.

The Onport Platform can accommodate both those seeking an out-of-the-box solution and, through an API with +3.000 endpoints, those who require a more flexible implementation.

Over 200+ companies in the eCommerce space are future-proofing their business with a solution trusted by companies such as Stadium Goods, Cupra, Airstream, &Open, Ivalo, and Naduvi.

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