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Oct 21, 2011 | 1 minute read

Online Checkout in Real Life [Video]

written by Linda Bustos

For a little Friday Funny to kick off your weekend, enjoy this funny short on the Online Checkout in Real Life from the Google Analytics team, reminiscent of our own Crazy Messed Up World of Ecommerce clips.

Perhaps the script at the end should read "find out where customers are abandoning your checkout." But semantics aside, your checkout funnel is your best friend when determining what step to test first in your checkout optimization efforts. It's almost always best to start with the step with the most "leakage."

But analytics only tells you the what, not the why. Equally important is the strategy you take to fix the problem. But many online retailers face the frustration of how hard it can be to move the needle with site testing and actually reduce cart abandonment / increase conversion. Come back Monday, we'll explore 3 main reasons why.