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Aug 31, 2022 | 4 minute read

Merchandiser Webinar Recap: Maavee and Pokemon

written by Emily Kathi


Merchandising is top-of-mind for every retail organization, especially as you ramp up to Black Friday and what can be a chaotic holiday shopping season. As trends shift towards more of a hybrid between the physical and digital experience, brands need strategy and execution towards how best to bring their products to market that align with customer demand.

Our Customer Success team had the opportunity to talk with two leaders and valued Elastic Path customers: Chelsey Lawless, eCommerce & Product Brand Partnerships at Maavee, and Steve Yin, eCommerce Business Manager, at Pokémon.

We began the conversation with what’s next for digital merchandising. Both panelists shared a call for authenticity in brand awareness, and a heavier reliance on social commerce to market products. Using social media platforms leads to an accelerated sales cycle especially when examining product discovery and consumer confidence. 

Next up for our panelists: What advice would you give to brands exploring the new world of merchandising? What trends would you pay attention to and integrate into your roadmap and budget? The panelists referred to a heavier reliance on the golden ticket of consumer data, especially for the purposes of zero party data for personalization

Another driving force? Augmented/Virtual Reality to draw in consumers who are craving the experience. The number one barrier for eCommerce conversion is the inability to touch, see, or engage with product prior to purchase.

See below for clips from the webinar on how today's brands are tackling today's eCommerce challenges.

To access the full webinar go here, and read more on-demand eCommerce content.