July 15th, 2022 | 6 MIN READ

Elastic Path Insider: Meet the Customer Success Team

Written by Meg Purcell


This is an update to a previous blog published Feb 18th, 2022.

Meet our Customer Success team! Each team member is a master of our products and works with our customers to ensure they get expert guidance and support throughout onboarding, implementation, and onward.

The team's overarching goal is to ensure we’re partnering with our customers to meet their goals, so they can focus on launching and continuously optimizing unique digital commerce experiences for their customers.

To get better insight, we sat down with the team and asked a series of questions to get to know them, their role, and an idea of what life is like on the Customer Success team at Elastic Path. Let's go meet some of the team!

Customer Success Team


Q: What's the first thing you would want a customer to know about working with Elastic Path?

Q: How long have you been working in the eCommerce Industry?

Rachel: I’ve been working in eCommerce and retail my entire career. I started off as an eCommerce buyer and have worked for various eCommerce SAAS companies like Truefit and NewStore.

Christine: I have been working in the eCommerce Industry for seven years. After I had my first daughter, I decided I wanted to change career paths and started working as a Customer Success Manager for an online t-shirt company and then a beauty subscription company. I’ve loved my experience within the eCommerce space and that’s what brought me to Elastic Path.

Esme: I've spent my entire career in eCommerce, starting off at online retailer Rue La La. Since then, I've worked for several other brands and have become very passionate about eCommerce. My love for eCommerce sparked my interest in joining Elastic Path. I'm thrilled to be able to continue in this field and support brands in achieving their eCommerce goals.

Neil: My background has been more rooted in the payments space. I've held varying roles, from account management to customer success, and have found it to be an enlightening experience. I'm excited to be able to apply my experience to support our customers in their digital commerce journeys. 


Q: What does your role entail?

Rachel: I’m responsible for delivering the best customer experience and products for our customers and help them deliver the best technology experience to their customers. 

Christine: My responsibility is to ensure our customers are successful. I nurture my customer relationships, making sure everything runs smoothing during their onboarding, overseeing and supporting their launch and then continuing to make them feel supported once they have gone live.

Esme: My role is always evolving to meet the needs of our customers. In this new remote world, a lot of my day-to-day is spent on zoom calls, spending time building relationships with our customer base. It’s important to me to learn their story, what they hope to get out of the platform so I can support them in achieving their goals. Our customers have a mix of wants and needs. Some customers are independent and request a monthly cadence, while other customers are hands-on and want day-to-day or weekly support. Each day I’m working to make sure our customers feel understood and supported.

Neil: My role is exactly what my title says, customer success. That doesn't always translate to figuring out how quickly a customer can go live. I am interested in working with our customers to create a path that will create long-term success. I'm also always thinking about additional value I can bring to our customers, from new integrations to optimizing existing technology. My goal is to be a trusted advisor and to ensure our customers are getting the absolute best from Elastic Path. 


Q: What is your favorite part about working with our customers?

Rachel: Helping our customers achieve their digital strategies. They come to us with complex problems and thoughts and don’t know yet how they will achieve them. We work closely to roadmap and workshop ideas and figure out a way to solve things together. I like to think we’re an extension of our customers' teams and it’s really the highlight of being in Customer Success to see that come together.  

Christine: Interacting with them and finding out what motivates them and understanding their KPIs to make sure we can all grow together.

Esme: Our customers are so inviting and friendly, and that really makes me enjoy coming to work each day. eCommerce is an exciting space, and I love to see the excitement and eagerness our customers bring when they are first kicking off a project. It’s a pleasure to be able to guide them to create their unique vision.

Neil: I enjoy working with merchants as a career because it's so varied. No two days are the same, and I get to work with people across a variety of industries who are passionate about their business. I enjoy getting to learn more about the challenges in the market and the unique approaches our customers take to solve them.


Q: How does the team measure customer success?

Rachel: It’s shared success. Thinking about what our customers need, what are their goals from pie in the sky to super detailed goals and how do we help them achieve that with what we have today, what’s on the roadmap and making sure our customers can use our platform with ease.  

Christine: Having frictionless renewals and high customer satisfaction.

Esme: We’re successful when our customer is successful. To me a lot of that is measured by meeting their goals. One thing that I have found in supporting our customers is introducing them to other customers. Together they can share best practices, discuss how they use the platform and build relationships. My goal is to build a partnership.

Neil: General happiness. It’s easy to get bogged down by metrics, but I believe that a happy merchant will generally be successful. 

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

Q: What does a typical customer engagement/cadence look like?

Rachel: We often meet with our customers on a weekly basis to catch what’s going on, open projects other types of calls where we’ll bring in other members of the team to workshop roadmaps, talk about their requirements, work on the future of the product. We think of our customers as co-authors so we often have meetings to bring them into our products.


Q: How do customers familiarize themselves with the product?

Rachel: Through The Learning Center, it's a great place to get started with their onboarding. I also highly recommend that they leverage it as a resource throughout our partnership. We’re always publishing easily digestible short form courses and other learning experiences.

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