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Oct 21, 2021 | 14 minute read

Meet the Elastic Path Leadership Team: Part 2

written by Andra Scortzaru


Welcome back to Part 2 of our Meet the Elastic Path Leadership Team! We are excited to showcase the rest of our leadership team below.

Jamus Driscoll - Chief Executive Officer

Connect with Jamus on LinkedIn

Jamus is the driving force behind the vision and strategy for Elastic Path. Jamus joined Elastic Path following its acquisition of Moltin, where he was the CEO.

Jamus has a twenty-year track record of taking high-performing Startup companies to market. Prior to Moltin, Jamus held a number of executive roles at Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud), a commerce platform company that pioneered the use of the cloud for mission-critical, revenue generating business applications. Jamus’ tenure at Demandware spanned a decade from Startup to Initial Public Offering and ultimately an acquisition by in 2016.

Q&A with Jamus

1. What excites you most about Elastic Path daily?

Witnessing the constant creativity, innovation, and passion from our team.

2. How do you foresee Commerce changing in the future? How will Elastic Path help customers maneuver said changes?

Oh boy. Big question. The short answer is that for all the work we as an industry have done, we’ve only created the first use case on the web, the website. And for the most part, this was created in a day when we all thought the web was a “destination” and used the same language that we used to describe a store (catalog, cart, checkout, etc.). Everything has changed…the web is not a destination, it’s a data fabric that underpins every dimension of business…to capture that, commerce is not a “platform”, it’s a function, that can be brought together in any mode to serve the needs of the business, across any medium that is reliant on the Web (and it’s all reliant on the web)

3. What is your favorite book and or movie and why?

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. It’s a terrific arching story, full of all sorts of relatable lessons, and one that all my 4 kids enjoy, so it’s become a common reference for all of us.

4. Tell us something about yourself, that isn't on LinkedIn or your resume.

I love to work with my hands and am always building something.

Harry Chemko - Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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Harry is a consummate entrepreneur, having started Elastic Path in 2000 when he was fresh out of university. With only a $15,000 start-up loan from a non-profit organization, Harry's optimism and energy drove the business forward, turning Elastic Path into the world's leading provider of commerce software designed to maximize revenue from the next generation of digital experiences. In 2005, Harry received the Young Entrepreneur Award for being the youngest CEO on the PROFIT Hot 50.

Today, Harry is responsible for leading corporate strategy and driving Elastic Path's vision. He believes that in this connected world, digital commerce is all about generating business value from great digital experiences across all touchpoints. A successful digital commerce platform must help enterprises unlock that value and generate revenue.

Q&A with Harry

1. What excites you most about Elastic Path daily?

Some of the most creative, passionate, customer obsessed people in the industry work at Elastic Path, and they’re all a lot of fun to work with. I love seeing what our teams come up with day in and day out! I get super excited watching our deployment slack channels and seeing how quickly we are releasing new features to the platform.

2. How do you foresee Commerce changing in the future? How will Elastic Path help customers maneuver said changes?

Commerce is the core operating system for successful digital businesses. And we see that becoming more and more critical over time. Digital businesses need the flexibility to never be limited by their commerce platform, coupled with agility and speed to achieve this. Our pre-composed solutions, microservices architecture, and business support model are designed work together to help them achieve their commerce ambitions without the risk.

3. What is your favorite book and or movie and why?

It’s really hard to name a favorite book, but I’m currently reading The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. I think that the changes happening in fintech right now are going to revolutionize the world of commerce.

4. Tell us something about yourself, that isn't on LinkedIn or your resume.

I grew up in a small town in Northern BC, where we farmed and for the most part lived off of what we grew and raised.

Brad Habansky - Senior Vice President, Sales

Connect with Brad on LinkedIn

Brad Habansky is the Senior Vice President of Sales, leading account management, pre-sales, and customer success. Brad has over 25 years of technology sales and sales leadership experience, most recently with Oracle, Salesforce and Commercetools. At Commercetools, Brad was the 6th U.S. employee and was responsible for initiating sales efforts in North and South America. Brad was responsible for Sales, Partners and Sales Engineering at Commercetools. During Brad's time at Commercetools, he signed the first enterprise customers in the U.S. and led continued growth of both new customers and the U.S. Sales organization. This growth, led to the acquisition of Commercetools by Insight Partners at the end of 2019. Brad is passionate about building sales teams, creating effective sales processes, and driving customer success.

Q&A with Brad

1. What excites you most about Elastic Path daily?

The talent we have as an organization, across the board excites me. Also, the product. We have a product that address a need in the market. And at this point, we are the only MACH vendor with a catalog that can handle the complexity of post 2020 organizations.

2. How do you foresee Commerce changing in the future? How will Elastic Path help customers maneuver said changes?

I think commerce is changing with the growth of API's. Not only by commerce vendors, also payments, CMS, search. I think eventually pulling API's together to address complex use cases will become easier and easier. I also see the checkout process becoming more and more commoditized.

3. What is your favorite book and or movie and why?

Favorite book would probably be Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now. Changed my thinking on everything. Or anything written by Erik Larson. I love history. Movie, man that’s hard.

4. Tell us something about yourself, that isn't on LinkedIn or your resume.

Stuff that’s not on linked in, I'm married with 3 children. Pretty boring, I would guess 😊. We love to travel as a family. We decide to stay in the city to raise our family. We have Cubs tickets, so big part of our Summers. Love going to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, to get a break from the city.

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Tiffany Spizzo - Vice President, Global Channel & Alliances

Connect with Tiffany on LinkedIn

Tiffany Spizzo has joined Elastic Path as Vice President of Global Channel and Alliances. Spizzo will work closely with the Elastic Path executive team to strategically expand and empower Elastic Path's partner network. Tiffany has been in ecommerce since 2010 and most recently joins us from Shopgate, where she was the VP Global Business Development and Strategic Partners. Prior to that, she implemented partner programs at firms like Volusion and Mozu, prior to their acquisition by Kibo. She then went on to Kibo and headed partnerships there across a multi-platform commerce suite that included ecommerce, order management, personalization, and point of sale.

Q&A with Tiffany

1. What excites you most about Elastic Path daily?

The impact that we are having on customers that have struggled for so long to compromise and conform their business to unyielding technology. Being in ecommerce for a length of time, I feel like we have all come across that customer use case that we took home at night and that kept our minds racing, knowing that there had to be a better way to tailor to their unique business needs and solve their specific pain points. I truly believe we accomplish at Elastic Path and it is thrilling!

2. How do you foresee Commerce changing in the future? How will Elastic Path help customers maneuver said changes?

If we go back a decade in ecommerce (feels longer) there was a best-of-breed approach that was attractive to many but virtually impossible to facilitate due to the boundaries and restrictions of technology at the time. This forced us into a monolithic world that put businesses into boxes and prevented further innovation. To date…the only choices have been out-of-the-box cookie cutter solutions or custom builds from scratch and tied the business to proprietary development that few would know, and most could never manipulate or enhance. These options presented immense struggles for businesses with high growth potential, complex business models and plans for omnichannel expansion. We are now at a point that we can break apart the monoliths and offer our customers a way to address both their business and technological needs. Elastic Path makes this unbelievably easy for our customers by bridging the gap between flexibility, customization, and control.

3. What is your favorite book and or movie and why?

Too many to pick favorites…always been a struggle for me as there are so many amazing influences and inspirations in literature and cinema. I even have difficulty picking a favorite color to tell my daughter because I love them all too much.

4. Tell us something about yourself, that isn't on LinkedIn or your resume.

Perhaps this is something I don’t often highlight on channels like LinkedIn, but hope it comes across if you know me. I am most proud of my family and being the mother to the most amazing (super feisty and independent) little girl. Also passionate about cooking, bit of a foodie, and love to host. Famous amongst some (very small circles) for home cooking with flare…and of course wine.

Tara Collins - Vice President, People and Culture

Connect with Tara on LinkedIn

Tara leads the People & Culture and Facilities teams at Elastic Path. With a long tenure in building teams, designing programs, and leading through change, Tara will focus on ensuring our people programs and practices are firmly established, driving a culture and performance which attract and retain top talent within our markets.

Tara brings over 15 years of Human Resource experience supporting executive leadership at industry leading organizations across industries such as hospitality, real estate and retail. Throughout her career, Tara has established relationships through executive coaching, change leadership and as a devoted employee advocate.

Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University and a post graduate certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management from Royal Roads University.

Q&A with Tara

1. What excites you most about Elastic Path daily?

This is such a unique time to be part of an organization that is on the cusp of incredible growth and change at this stage of maturity. We have the expertise of a seasoned group of subject matter experts, combined with new additions and ideas for innovation, all driving us to create opportunities for our employees and customers that haven’t existed in the past. This team is uniquely posed to achieve great success.

2. How do you foresee Commerce changing in the future? How will Elastic Path help customers maneuver said changes?

I see commerce becoming increasingly accessible to a global community, blasting through barriers that existed historically. In my opinion this opens up a world of possibility, potential and learning which works to lower barriers that have may have previously deterred some. It enables visibility for a much broader audience, sparks curiosity and encourages pushing beyond what we’ve previously thought possible.

3. What is your favorite book and or movie and why?

Any and all works by Haruki Murakami. I am a huge fan of fiction in my down time and Murakami’s language, imagination and style are simply magic.

4. Tell us something about yourself, that isn't on LinkedIn or your resume.

I have a goal to retire on a farm, where I can care for a herd of rescue animals, or at the very least several dogs, and where my partner can ski daily during the winters. We have our eye on Sun Peaks in the interior of BC at the moment, but I am wide open to recommendations if anyone has a utopic location to share.

Mukesh Judge - Vice President, Cloud Operations, IT & Support

Connect with Mukesh on LinkedIn

As VP, Cloud Operations, IT and Support, Mukesh brings decades of experience in information technology to Elastic Path. In this role, Mukesh provides leadership to the Cloud Engineering, Operations, Customer Support, IT, and Security teams. He is driven to ensure a reliable, secure, and high performing commerce service for customers. Mukesh is passionate about helping businesses use technology to develop their strategic advantage.

Prior to Elastic Path, Mukesh served as a Senior Leader at Cogeco Peer 1 overseeing IT Engineering and Operations, Business Systems and Service Delivery.

Outside of work, Mukesh lives an active lifestyle with his family and is involved in hockey, cycling and hiking.