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Jun 23, 2016 | 3 minute read

Let's talk logo

written by Damian Parker-Kidd

 For the past two years, we have used a word-mark as our standalone logo. Whilst it has been kind to us, we’ve always felt something was missing. Today, things are changing…

TL;DR: New logo. Scroll down to see it in all its glory.

Our team has been hard at work pushing the visual look of the brand and developing assets. I’ve always been a big advocate of the existing word-mark — It was strong and impactful. But, as we evolved the brand it started to feel out of place.

We’ve already mentioned on the blog that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. As we release headlines for version two of the store management dashboard and the API, be on the lookout for additional changes in the coming months as we’re set to launch a new website and showcase our new brand direction. You’ll see that everything has been thoughtfully redesigned from the ground up, giving us a fresh look and energetic approach.

As brand-mark discussions developed, we had a number of popular concepts. The list was sky-high to begin with, but as we dug deeper and realized the core of our brand, we refined it down to these choice words; data, platform, freedom, flowing and fluidity.

Many of our original ideas were focused within and around a circle. It was such a great approach to display the fluid and flexible nature of Moltin. As you’ll see below, some were sketched out but it soon became clear that the tie-back to the platform and data concepts wasn’t strong enough.

The idea of fluid in a container, however, did stick! After exploring other shapes, the hexagon was a winner. Not only did it represent a box in a 3D space, but it gave us the flexibility to display contents in wild and wonderful ways as well as play with perspective.

You’ll see the construction of the logo above. The aim was to express the fluidity in the liquid, but avoid using too many straight lines as the harshness of sharp edges would not have worked well with our proposed brand direction.

Once the team was happy with the overall shape and concept, we introduced color. The final version is below. We hope you like it as much as we do.

On a light background, we moved the white aspects to gray tones.

The “default” version of the brand-mark is in our lava color scheme which represents our Moltin primary brand. Depending on usage and placement, we have a lot of room to be imaginative and see how malleable it is. Below are icon concepts. We’ll be flexing our creativity to evolve the fluid device and develop the icon in distinctive and colorful ways. It’s important we maintain a consistent brand experience whilst exploring techniques to make us truly stand out. We’re currently looking at animation to show the different geometric shapes filling with liquid — pretty exciting!

Further developments include our website, store management dashboard, brand guidelines and merchandise. Check out how you can expect to see it live within the new dashboard:

Finally, we’re really happy to share an initial run of new stickers:


Between discussions, brainstorming, sketching, designing and iterating, it’s been a long process to achieve a brand-mark everyone loves and is proud of. I’m really happy to finally share the new designs and look forward to showcasing more in the coming weeks and months.


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