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Aug 30, 2023 | 2 minute read

Integrations Hub Adds Talon.One to Drive Loyalty Through Promotions

written by Abisola Adeyemo

At Elastic Path, we strive to empower all brands to embrace Composable Commerce. One way we do this is through Composer, the only commerce intelligent Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). One of the components of Composer is the Integrations Hub. Integrations Hub, a library of instant-on, no-code integrations. With Integrations Hub, any user can select and enable powerful third-party integrations with just a few clicks. We’re excited to share that Talon.One has been added to the Integrations Hub!

How to get started with Talon.One instant-on integration

Explore the documentation page to learn more about customizable field beyond the standard data mapping from the "instant on" integration.

What is Talon.One?

Talon.One is an API-first promotion and loyalty engine which empowers businesses like Adidas, Live Nation, Carlsberg, Reebok, Eddie Bauer, and Afterpay to create fully customizable and engaging promotions and loyalty programs, without code. From coupons to gift cards, Talon.One offers limitless opportunities to reward and incentivize your customers - including the ability to:

  • Set up scalable, multi-tier loyalty campaigns in a few clicks
  • Create millions of coupons and get them validated in milliseconds
  • Curate creative product bundles and maximize upselling potential
  • Drive acquisition and reward the sharing experience with referrals

What can you do with Talon.One?

Integrating with Talon.One will enable you to boost sales and customer loyalty with personalized promotions and loyalty features. Brands can use Talon.One to cater to diverse market segments with data-based personalization, and avoid overspending by only targeting specific segments.

The instant-on-integration with Talon.One will also allow you to quickly launch loyalty programs with tailored discounts and referrals, that go beyond cards and points so you can acquire high-value customers and increase margins and boost retention.

Talon.One also supports additional capabilities that drive conversion including gamified loyalty programs, loyalty tiers, loyalty insights, product bundling, rewards and gift cards, and digital wallets.

Check out Integrations Hub to learn more about our other instant-on integrations that are de-risking Composable Commerce for brands like yours.

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