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Dec 1, 2023 | 2 minute read

Integrations Hub Adds Braze Instant-On Integration to Boost Customer Engagement with Relevant, Cross-Channel Experiences

written by Elastic Path

At Elastic Path we de-risk composable commerce so you can confidently break free from technical limitations and embrace a best-for-you composable solution fast.

A big way we support commerce innovation and success is with Elastic Path Composer’s Integrations Hub. The Integrations Hub is a library of instant-on, no-code integrations to leading commerce vendors. These integrations vastly reduce the time to integrate composable solutions. Instead of weeks or months, you can get composable components in days or hours and with just a few clicks.

New to Integrations Hub: Braze, a customer engagement platform, is now available as an instant-on, no-code integration for Elastic Path customers.

How to get started with Braze

Check out this quick demo to see just how easy it is to deploy the Braze integration and increase customer engagement through cross-channel experiences.

Check out our documentation page to learn more about how Braze is driving engagement and increasing transactions for brands.

What is Braze?

Braze is a customer engagement platform that helps brands implement powerful customer engagement strategies with ease and scale across channels such as mobile, email, SMS and more.

The cloud-based platform provides solutions for brands across industries such as financial services, media & entertainment, retail & ecommerce, travel and hospitality, and QSR.

Braze enables brands to deliver data-driven personalized cross-channel experiences for their customers, such as in-app product recommendations, SMS for product launches, and targeted email campaigns.

How integrating with Braze can help your business

Integrating with Braze allows brands to deliver integrated cross-channel experiences that increase engagement, reduce churn, improve acquisition, and boost productivity.

Brands can increase engagement through data-driven A/B testing and personalization such as mobile push notifications and email. You can also reduce churn and improve acquisition with in-app messaging surveys, referral programs, and customized promo codes.

Interested in the Braze integration? See our entire roster of no-code, instant-on, business-boosting integrations in Elastic Path Composer’s Integrations Hub.

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