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Aug 22, 2023 | 6 minute read

Elastic Path: Inside Our Rebrand

written by Brianne Cordima

Today is a big day for Elastic Path: our brand rollout. Every corner of our identity — logo, colors, photography, and more — has been revamped to better capture who we are, who we serve, and where we’re going.

For more than 20 years, Elastic Path has been an innovator and trusted partner to digital commerce leaders. Nothing about that is going to change. Focusing on aligning our outward look with our inner purpose has confirmed what we already knew to be true, while mapping our north star for the future.

It all starts with a name. Our name, Elastic Path, stems from a term in physics meaning having the flexibility to change while always moving forward. Today's digital commerce demands two things: agility and momentum. Our name represents both.

Bringing your visions to life

Our vision is, everyone, yes everyone, will be empowered to bring brilliant commerce visions to life, and over the course of the rebrand we grew even more committed to it.

Two decades of working with the best brands in the world taught us that our customers are far beyond business savvy. They’re pioneers who defy convention, forge their own way, and shape the future of shopping.

They’re leaders pushing the limits of technology. But the limits of technology push right back.

So imagine what could happen — what would happen — if commerce technology were something more. Not a product, but a promise. A commitment to help these pioneers smash their goals — and keep going.

Elastic Path is that promise. Like our customers, our passion for pushing the envelope runs deep. The call to innovate is unstoppable, but blazing a trail can be full of risks and unknowns. At every turn and without hesitation, we clear the path ahead so our customers can be bolder, aim higher, and do what’s never been done — with confidence, on their terms. Because it isn’t about us; it’s about what we can do for the brands we serve.

That’s our promise: to stand up for commerce leaders and give them the freedom to execute their big ideas. To break barriers that prevent them from delivering extraordinary shopping experiences. To champion their ambition. To help them uncover new opportunities.

With this crystal clear promise, we set out to bring our brand to life visually.

Try Elastic Path today

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The why behind our visual identity

We defined three key brand attributes (aka personality traits) that best describe who we are. These are qualities that our customers, partners, employees and anyone who interacts with us will experience. For that reason, these became our North Star when evaluating visual representation of our brand.

  • Sincere. As a team and company, we really, really care about our customers achieving their objectives. It’s not a punchline. It’s who we are.
  • Vibrant. We’re energetic, quirky, and innovative. We have something to say and are not afraid to take big bets.
  • Ready. Like a friend who shows up, comes prepared, and sticks by you. We’re here with you now, and we’re psyched for what’s to come.

Our logo brings these brand attributes to live visually...

Elastic path new brand

A box can contain many things: products, potential, ideas. These boxes represent the cornerstone of composable commerce — building blocks that bend and arch with the promise of infinite possibilities and innovation. The smooth curve of the left side represents connection and care for our customers, and the jagged edge on the right side represents cutting edge technology.

The color is green, representing growth, vibrancy, and life. It means go. Additionally, green symbolizes money, which directly correlates to commerce. This color connects to what we stand for: empowering you to launch extraordinary shopping experiences.

Another key element of our visual identity is the use of multi-color blends. These are fluid and represent energy and life. Alongside these vibrant colors, you will see black and white as our grounding.

Our Guiding Company Values

We re-evaluated our core values, and confirmed they accurately represent how we support each other and our customers. These are woven into everything we do at Elastic Path: how we hire, how we work, how we engage with our customers, how we recognize and celebrate our employees, and more.

Be Open

Through a culture that fosters open feedback and collaboration, we help ourselves, each other, and our customers achieve the extraordinary. This means listening deeply, empathizing authentically, and responding thoughtfully.

Be Remarkable

Every day is a chance to bring our best. When things get tough, we keep going. When we make a commitment, we follow through. And when something can be improved, we find it, own it, and fix it.

Be the Team

We are one team with many voices. With this ethos, success, failure, and credit are shared equally. We honor individual strengths while staying accountable to the whole.

Be the Customer

When our customers win, we win. We lead, challenge, and guide them to achieve outcomes beyond their expectations. Every interaction is approached with empathy, integrity, and tenacity.

What you can expect

In the coming days and weeks you can expect to see our new visual identity rolled out across channels and mediums. We also took this as an opportunity to update our product naming, which you will see on our website today. In September we will be sharing exciting news about our product offering - you can sign up here to be the first to know.

What’s not changing? Our fierce commitment to our customers' success. It’s the foundation of our company ethos and will always continue to be our bedrock.

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