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Apr 8, 2022 | 3 minute read

Inside Elastic Path with Patrick MacLachlan

written by Emily Kathi

We’re proud of our culture at Elastic Path. In our ongoing series, Inside Elastic Path, we focus on various departments and roles within the company to give you a snapshot of the talented and passionate people who define our culture. And we don’t forget to have fun while we’re at it.

This month’s interview comes to you from the Partners & Alliances group. With the Composable Commerce approach, we rely on our partners to deliver best-of-breed (or sometimes referred to as “best for me”) technology to eCommerce brands. The team is dedicated to the growth, enablement, and continued support of our vendors who are an integral part of our business.

We caught up with Patrick MacLachlan, Senior Director of Strategic Partner Enablement, to learn a little bit more about his role at Elastic Path, what keeps him passionate about his work, and his perhaps little-known tie to a singer/songwriter.

Q: Hi Patrick! How long have you been with Elastic Path?

A: Going on 14 years. Part of the furniture.

Q: What brought you to Elastic Path?

A: The head of HR approached me; it was someone I had worked with at a previous company. I was working with an aircraft manufacturer at the time. These were in the early days of agile development, and I was getting frustrated professionally with how slow things moved. This person thought it would be a good fit.

I was new to the commerce space and found it exciting. Elastic Path had been going for a few years but was just beginning to take off. I got in on the ground floor. I think I was employee number 60.

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Q: So tell me more about what you do?

Q: What makes you stay? What excites you about Elastic Path?

Patrick further points to the people at Elastic Path as differentiators, a reputation well nurtured that employees and partners alike will notice when working with and for us; from the individual contributor to senior leadership, Elastic Path fosters an environment of mutual respect and openness.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: Kids are grown up, so they take care of themselves. I like to travel for work and pleasure. My wife and are on our bikes all the time; I’m passionate about the outdoors. If I can sleep outside instead of inside, I’m happy.

Q: Tell me something that’s interesting or unique about you:

Patrick met Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan because they shared a hair stylist. Despite similar spellings, there is no relation as he’s often asked. Patrick says she’s just as down-to-earth as you might think. Here he tells the story:

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