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Aug 23, 2022 | 4 minute read

Inside Elastic Path: Global Services

written by Emily Kathi

The Elastic Path Global Services Team plays a key role in the success of our customers; with team members located throughout Canada, the U.S. and the UK, Global Services is a trusted ally for global brands embarking on their first steps into eCommerce, and for those transitioning into new commerce platforms from software they’ve outgrown as they scale. The team is 30+ strong and is comprised of a variety of roles from Solutions to Front End Architects, Analysts, Developers, and Delivery Managers.

Dom Telaro, Vice President, Global Services tells us there are a few ways Elastic Path Global Services partners with customers. He talks about a 3-fold approach: working internally with Sales and Customer Success teams to prioritize relationships and guide the customer journey, working with tech partners and system integrators for successful implementations, and finally with the customer, safeguarding the journey and getting over the finish line.

He notes the journey does not stop with the go live date; our customers have a trusted ally in all phases of their roadmap and beyond.

You heard Dom talk about Elastic Path partners who help our customers with successful implementations. He’s referring to our community of tech and solutions partners, and system integrators who provide third party services for eCommerce platform functionality like search, tax, content and order management, PIM, ERP, and others to create the best-of-breed, Composable Commerce ecosystem that is the foundation of today’s differentiated customer experiences.

Yasmin Garraway, Director, Global Services, talks about the team’s laser focus on the customer. “We know commerce. We live and breathe our products day in and day out. It’s not just about a successful implementation, we have skin in the game. Are you set up for future success? How is the product performing for your needs now and 3-5 years from now?”.

Dom talks about the skill set needed for the Global Services team and for the tech community as a whole – at the top of the list: Agility. A key factor is to know how to pivot, but also be able to sort through the “noise” to identify customer needs and create a platform that grows with the business. 



Tony McAfee, Technical Director, had this to say about Elastic Path’s Global Services footprint:

“The Global Services team advantage provides our customers with deep platform knowledge, technical prowess, and experience in a wide variety of industry verticals. But above all else we always act as a trusted partner with the sole aim of ultimate customer success.”

Collaboration is key to any business, and Elastic Path teams rely on each other to provide customers with the best experience and personalized service. Global Services looks to Elastic Path internal teams like Customer Success and Product to provide a united experience for customers. From discovery to POC, to implementation and the roadmap ahead. You have questions, we have answers and guidance.

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