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May 30, 2011 | 2 minute read

61 Tips for Improving Site Search

written by Linda Bustos

Today being Memorial Day for a good chunk of Get Elastic readers, today we take a trip down "memory lane" with a collection of previously-posted articles on site search.

  • Is your search tools fully-loaded with all the options? 22 Features for Site Search Nirvana lists the features and functionality that makes a Cadillac site search, from search box usability, to refinement tools, to search results presentation - with plenty of examples.
  • Perhaps your tool needs an upgrade. With so many vendors out there, what's a girl to do? 15 Things to Ask Your Site Search Vendor is a checklist that you can use to grill sales reps after you've narrowed down the field to a short list.
  • One of the worst ways to lose sales is to have "zero results" appear for a users' search - for a product you do carry. Often this happens because your site search thesaurus has not been optimized with the misspellings and synonyms that customers use. Of course, it's near impossible to predict every possible misspelling and variant, so how do you efficiently find the keywords that matter most? 7 Sources for Tweaking Your Site Search Thesaurus shows you how.
  • Does your site use advanced search? While most ecommerce sites should avoid advanced search in favor of good search refinement and sorting features, some sites genuinely need it. The challenge is to make advanced search usable! 11 Tips for Advanced Search Usability is an illustrated guide.

And just for fun...

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