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May 18, 2023 | 8 minute read

How Elastic Path Empowers the Developer Community

written by James Luterek

In the world of e-commerce, Elastic Path has been driving technology forward. Providing amazing API-first solutions, and leveraging modern development techniques from microservices to edge computing, Elastic Path empowers developers to build robust websites and applications.

Elastic Path's success is driven by adoption from the developer community. Let’s explore how Elastic Path fosters a vibrant ecosystem of passionate developers, providing the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in the ecommerce space. By nurturing a strong developer community, Elastic Path not only stays at the forefront of ecommerce technology, but also helps shape the future of digital commerce. So, let's dive in and discover how Elastic Path is championing developers and enabling them to bring their best ideas to life.

Just read the docs!

At this point, “Just read the documentation”, has become a meme within the developer community. There is nothing worse than having no documentation, incomplete documentation, or unintelligible content auto-generated from the source code. This is why proper and complete documentation is at the heart of Elastic Path's developer resources.

Elastic Path has a team of full-time documentation writers constantly augmenting and improving the content. This is crucial for developers to get up to speed with the platform and maximize their productivity. One of the key aspects of the documentation is the comprehensive collection of guides and tutorials available. These materials cover everything from getting started with Elastic Path to in-depth explanations of advanced features and use cases, ensuring developers have the information they need.

Documentation needs to go deeper than surface level information. Elastic Path's API documentation is meticulously crafted, offering clear and concise explanations of all available endpoints, parameters, and expected responses. The documentation also covers business requirements and non-API aspects including data modeling. This makes it easy for developers to understand the capabilities of the platform and seamlessly integrate Elastic Path into their applications.

Elastic Path also offers an online learning portal that contains both developer and architect courses. These courses allow developers to get up to speed quickly with comprehensive technical content. With a combination of videos, hands-on exercises, and interactive content, it’s a great place for developers to learn the products and tools available.

SDKs and Tools

While it’s possible to call an API directly through code, having a set of tools and SDKs simplifies both experimenting with the APIs and the final code. Elastic Path has a comprehensive JavaScript and Typescript SDK available. There is also a host of language-specific SDKs available on GitHub to help simplify the development process and ensure developers can work in their preferred programming languages. These SDKs cover common tasks, reduce boilerplate code and allow developers to focus on specific business functionality instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Recognizing the importance of practical examples, Elastic Path’s GitHub also provides a collection of samples and starter projects that demonstrate how to leverage the platform's features. These resources serve as a valuable reference for developers, helping them to quickly grasp key concepts and apply them to their own projects. By learning from real-world examples, developers can gain a deeper understanding of best practices and avoid common pitfalls.

Integration with popular development tools is another critical aspect of Elastic Path's support for the developer community. A full Postman collection is available to help navigate the API in familiar software. This postman collection is compatible with Insomnia. In addition, examples are provided on GitHub for calling the APIs through the VSCode REST extension for even more flexibility in testing and experimenting with the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud API.

These options not only enhance productivity but also enables developers to leverage the full range of tools and services they are already familiar with, further reducing the learning curve.

Developer communication and support

A key aspect of Elastic Path's commitment to empowering the developer community is providing active spaces for communication and support channels where developers can engage with each other and with Elastic Path experts. Elastic Path is launching a dedicated Slack Community for developers. In this community developers can ask questions, share knowledge, and collaborate on challenges they encounter while working with the platform as well as gain guidance from Elastic Path employees.

For live content, Elastic Path hosts frequent webinars and workshops. These events cover a variety of topics, ranging from new features to best practices, ensuring that developers stay informed and up to date.

Elastic Path also offers highly skilled technical support to assist developers in resolving any issues they may face. Furthermore, developers can benefit from collaborating with experts working in Elastic Path's Global Services department, who possess deep knowledge of the platform capabilities and digital commerce industry knowledge as veterans in the space.

To extend its support beyond individual developers, Elastic Path has established a robust partner program that supports agencies and solution integrators. This program gives partners the support they need including resources and training to help them deliver amazing ecommerce solutions.

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Open source

Every developer loves and relies on open source, that includes the developers at Elastic Path. The company recognizes the value of open-source development and actively supports the community.

One of the ways Elastic Path fosters community-driven development is by promoting and participating in open-source initiatives related to its platform. This approach not only helps to improve the overall quality and functionality of Elastic Path's offerings but also provides developers with a broader range of tools and capabilities to enhance their e-commerce solutions. This includes the 30+ repositories on Elastic Path’s GitHub page as well as community created projects.

To further acknowledge and celebrate the vital role developers play in the Elastic Path ecosystem, the company is launching a new Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program in 2023. This program will recognize key contributors who make significant impacts in the developer community, especially around open source. By offering recognition and rewards to these outstanding individuals, Elastic Path aims to inspire more developers to contribute and collaborate within the community. Expect to hear more about recognized MVPs later this year.

Elastic Path's developer outreach programs

Elastic Path actively engages with the developer community through various outreach programs designed to inspire, educate, and facilitate knowledge sharing. One such initiative is the recent Hackernoon Writing Contest, where developers are encouraged to share their experiences, insights, and success stories related to ecommerce and web development. This contest not only recognizes and rewards outstanding content but also fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the community.

Elastic Path also sponsors DZone surveys and roundtables, funding valuable input on industry trends. These roundtables bring together experts from different companies and backgrounds to share their unique perspectives on technology.

The Elastic Path blog is an excellent place to learn about ecommerce and contains a wealth of knowledge. Elastic Path also contributes information content to the places developers frequent most, including Hackernoon, DZone, By contributing articles Elastic Path can share valuable insights and practical guidance on a range of topics beyond ecommerce.

Developer feedback

Elastic Path believes that developer feedback is key in creating the best possible digital commerce solution. By gathering input from the developer community, Elastic Path can quickly identify areas for enhancement and stay abreast of the changing tech landscape. This feedback loop drives continuous improvement, innovation, and allows the product roadmap to tightly align with the needs of its users.

There are multiple ways for developers to provide feedback or submit feature requests. These include support, customer success, and developer relations. Developers have multiple ways and options to voice their opinions and contribute to the platform's development.

Elastic Path also participates in developer events and conferences. This includes speaking on various topics, sponsoring a booth, or simply attending to interact with the event. These events provide even more opportunities for developers to connect with Elastic Path employees, share their experiences, and discuss what is happening in the ecommerce technology space.

Looking forward

Elastic Path has developers at its core, success is tightly coupled to ensuring developers succeed in building exciting new digital shopping experiences. Extensive documentation, robust tools, communication channels, open-source collaboration, and valuable outreach programs, make up the actions, but this developer-centric mindset funnels through the culture of the entire company.

Expect Elastic Path to double down on developers and invest even more in the developer community. The company's vision for the future includes expanding its offerings, enhancing its platforms, and making it even easier for developers to learn and build. As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, Elastic Path and its developer community will play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital commerce.

This tech-forward, developer mindset is what keeps Elastic Path at the forefront of ecommerce technology and leader in the space. Having already pioneered API-First and Composable Commerce, it’s exciting to see how Elastic Path will shape the industry in the future.