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Dec 1, 2023 | 5 minute read

Deliver your best-performing holiday season with smart merchandising tactics from Elastic Path

written by Elastic Path

Record-setting online sales over Thanksgiving weekend indicate that this holiday season holds promise for merchandisers. But success with digital holiday sales is far from guaranteed, as capturing consumers’ attention in a crowded market is more difficult than ever before.

Holiday merchandising success requires the ability to act fast and strategically. Personalization, sales, dynamic bundling, flashy and effective landing pages – your team needs to be able to offer innovative customer experiences without relying on dev work or IT.

Elastic Path empowers your merchandisers to capture consumers’ attention and earn revenue. Check out the digital merchandising tactics your brand should pursue this holiday season – and how Elastic Path helps implement them to drive conversions and revenue.

Ready to bring your best holiday merchandising ideas to life?

Elastic Path Product Experience Manager helps you merchandise every unique product experience, without custom dev work.

The top revenue-generating holiday merchandising tactics from Elastic Path

Effective digital merchandising during the holidays can turbocharge sales and revenue for your business. But it doesn't happen automatically. The market is crowded and consumers have high expectations for personalized experiences. How can your brand rise above the competition, put your products in front of buyers, and drive business results? By following these eight holiday merchandising strategies, made possible with Elastic Path.

1. Personalize at scale

Consumers expect unique experiences, even during the holiday traffic surge. Elastic Path Product Experience Manager offers robust personalization capabilities, empowering merchandisers to tailor individual customer journeys without dev work or IT. For example, merchandisers using Product Experience Manager can launch loyalty programs and assign product rules so that they appear for specific audiences.

2. Compete in a crowded market

Everybody's trying to get consumers' attention during the holidays. How will your brand stand out? Elastic Path gives merchandisers the tools to launch unique commerce experiences. For example, Vivrelle, which uses Elastic Path Product Experience Manager, Composer, and Payments, has a circular business model and a product catalog with thousands of SKUs and members.

3. Launch sales and promotions, fast

During the holidays, you need to be able to launch sales and promotions fast, and have them run for as long or short as serves as your business. Elastic Path’s pricing and promotions engine capabilities allow for dynamic sales and promotions. With Product Experience Manager, you can launch flash sales that deliver bottom-line revenue.

4. Practice good content creation and management

CX Studio, our no-code frontend product, makes it easy to update web pages, free trial forms, landing page, and other parts of your site for the holidays. You don’t need developers – your own marketing team can create holiday-themed content and a unique frontend experience that engages and converts prospects.

Want to launch holiday-themed turnkey storefronts and landing pages today?

CX Studio brings commerce, content, and customer data together for business users to quickly orchestrate unique frontend experiences that drive business growth without reliance on IT.

5. Inventory management

You don’t want inventory languishing in a warehouse but also don’t want to frequently run out of your best products. In the holiday rush, it’s critical to balance inventory levels. With Elastic Path, all order and inventory in one central place, supporting the omnichannel experiences your customers demand.

6. Meet customer expectations

Consumers want to be able to buy quickly, easily, and without outages and delays. Elastic Path's 99.99% uptime means you can manage your storefront with confidence.

7. Adapt to shifting consumer behavior

What people bought last Christmas might not be popular this Christmas, and the way they engaged with your products last month might be different by New Year’s Eve. You need to stay agile and shift your merchandising tactics when consumer behaviors and preferences evolve. Elastic Path’s flexible, composable nature enables merchandisers to pivot quickly. In fact, Elastic Path Composer’s library of no-code, instant-on integrations means that you can start using a new commerce vendor to power a new commerce experience in a matter of hours.

8. Ensure regulatory compliance and security

During the holidays, you may process transactions from across the world. You need a commerce solution that safeguards customer data and meets compliance regulations. Elastic Path prioritizes secure, protected customer data. Our security protocols include: SOC 2 type II compliance, HIPAA-enabled compliance, role-based logical access controls, and enterprise DDoS protection. Plus, we offer best-in-class, 24/7 customer support.

Unlock holiday merchandising success with Elastic Path

The holiday season can fuel revenue for your business, or mean being overwhelmed by the demands of merchandising. With Elastic Path, brands can offer innovative customer experiences that fuel sales.

Interested in learning more? Speak to an Elastic Path expert about your commerce solution, your holiday merchandising plans, and how we may be able to help.

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