December 30th, 1969 | 2 MIN READ

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Written by author_profile_images Jamie Barton


In this short post we'll run through a couple of pre-requisite data configurations that you need to setup in Elastic Path and how to deploy your first storefront and integration.

1. Set your default currency

When you create your Elastic Path account we'll automatically create your first store for you. This stores currency will default to USD. If you would like to change this you can do so from the currencies page in the dashboard.

2. Create a product

Now you have your currency configured, the next resource we need to add to our store is a product. You can do this via the product create page in the dashboard. The Elastic Path catalog service covers the basics but if you're looking for more advanced PIM capabilities we recommend you integrate the Elastic Path catalog with a best in class PIM.

3. Configure a payment gateway

One last step before you can deploy a fully functional storefront is to configure your payment gateway. The example that is linked in step 4 works by 

4. Deploy example store


5. Deploy an integration



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