TGI Monday: Funny Tech Cartoons

Linda Bustos

November 6th, 2020

A few weeks ago I sat on a social media panel at Vancouver's Massive Technology Show. Little did I know that the social media expert sitting to my left was also a talented cartoonist. I recently discovered Social Signal's Noise to Signal comic series, and wanted to share my Top Eleven with you. I highly suggest you sign up for the feed if you like what you see:

Blog King

On Facebook, nobody knows...

Great PowerPoint, shame about the speech

The cartoon looks suspiciously like Mark Zuckerberg...

Must be at least 8 characters, no spaces

What exactly is your job again?

Mom! He's poking me!

The upside of down(sized)


Radical Transparency


My upcoming book: How to pingback so your kids will listen (and listen so your kids will pingback)

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Linda Bustos

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