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Sep 10, 2021 | 3 minute read

Employee Spotlight: Steve Ramage

written by Michaela Sell

Elastic Path Employee

Steve Ramage is a Senior Software Architect, who has been a part of the Elastic Path team in Vancouver for almost three years. Steve has a master's degree in computer science, and about 11 years of industry experience. Keep reading to learn what it’s like to be a Senior Software Architect at Elastic Path!

Q: What does a Senior Software Architect do?

Steve: Senior Software Architects at Elastic Path solve problems using our knowledge across applications, database technologies, and distributed systems so the day to day varies a lot based on where we are needed.

Q: What gives you the most satisfaction working at Elastic Path? 

Q: In your current role, is there something you are most proud of?

Steve: What I am most proud of is our integration of OpenID Connect in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. My first project at Elastic Path was working on our OpenID Connect integration in Elastic Path Commerce. Later when we acquired Moltin, we needed to support OpenID Connect in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. There is a saying that “if you learn nothing when building something, what you built was too easy.”

But it's not often that you get a second chance to leverage what you learned right away and build something better.

Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path?

Steve: Elastic Path is a very friendly place to work, with a lot of openness, transparency, and inclusiveness.

Q: How has your experience been since shifting to remote work? Have you felt supported?

Steve: My experience working remotely has been well supported. Since we are a company that has many employees in different time zones, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of remote working arrangements, and it offered and incredible amount of freedom and work life balance.

Q: How has Elastic Path contributed to your career progression/development?

Steve: Elastic Path has contributed to my career progression and development in a few ways. One way is that Elastic Path has a generous professional development budget that I have used for training on a number of occasions, such as, Software Architecture, Mongo and Kubernetes. Second, is that the culture here within the teams, are self-organizing and autonomous.

We are given latitude to find and develop the best solutions, which often involves learning and exploring new technologies.

Q: Thinking back, what were the reasons that made you join Elastic Path? What are the reasons you choose to stay?

Steve: I wanted to work at a company that had its technical products as a core part of its business and I wanted to work at a company that had a rich and complex domain as well as tackling problems at scale. Headless API driven commerce ticks both boxes.

Q: Tell me about something that motivates you before work or during work? (ie. Music, Exercise, Social breaks etc).

Steve: Something that motivates me is being able to go outside during breaks; whether that is before work or if I need a during the middle of the day. I live near a small mountain, so depending on meetings, I try to go out and ride up the mountain during the day. It’s nice to have a break that gives me a chance to meditate on a solution to a problem. Other hobbies I enjoy are, Cycling, Coding, playing Board Games and Reading.

Stay tuned for our next “Inside Elastic Path” series. If you are interested joining our team, check out our open listings and apply today.