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Sep 27, 2023 | 4 minute read

Elastic Path Latest Product Innovations Helps Brands Meet Growing Customer Expectations

written by Abisola Adeyemo

Our mission at Elastic Path is to break through the barriers that prevent commerce leaders from creating extraordinary shopping experiences. Over the last couple of months, our product and engineering teams have been diligently working to deliver solutions that help brands deliver unique digital experiences to their customers. In this blog, I’ll share the key product innovations over the last 3 months.


Building upon the core capabilities of Composer, the only commerce intelligent Integrations Platform-as-a-Service, this quarter we released Monitor. Monitor is a self-service unified monitoring dashboard with proactive altering on integration operations, including event tracking and log monitoring. Monitor allows you to view groups of logs for all integrations that you have turned on in Composer. Having visibility into logs helps brands identify issues faster. It also minimizes downtime so you can confidently embrace composable commerce with proactive alerting for integration issues.

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Generating Bulk Codes

Providing customers with promotion codes is a highly effective strategy to leverage to increase conversion, customer loyalty and customer retention. That’s why we have enhanced our promotion code capabilities to allow brands to generate bulk codes. You can now generate up to 1,000 codes for a single promotion. This increases your campaign reach significantly, especially for major promotions such as Black Friday or end of year events.

Reach out to our customer success team, if you need to increase the number of promotion codes for a single promotion. Generating more than 1000 codes are only for promotions lasting for one year from its start date.

Shipping Groups

Giving customers the freedom and flexibility for their shopping experience is a key aspect of meeting customer expectations. That is why Shipping Groups is now released in beta. Shipping groups or split shipping is the separation of cart or order items into distinct shipping groups. This can include separate delivery addresses, tracking details, delivery methods, or shipping prices for different sets of items. Split shipping allows users to meet customer needs effectively.

For example, a customer is introducing their friends to the world of gaming. Some of them have certain equipment that others do not have. So, this customer adds a gaming console, laptop, and headphones to the cart and wants to deliver these items to different addresess. Shipping groups will help power this delivery requirement.

Create a preview cart

What if there was a way to validate your promotion settings and observe how they would actually be applied in the cart? Now, there is. You can now use the preview cart feature to set a future date for your shopping cart and view the promotions that will be available during that period. This helps ensure that your promotions are actually launching appropriately proactively mitigating issues and giving you a better understanding of the customer experience with the promotion.

One-Time Password Token Requests

Ensuring a secure commerce experience is imperative for your brand’s reputation and customer retention. That’s why you can now create One-Time Password Token Requests using Password Profiles. This feature allows you to create a one-time token that can be forwarded to a customer or any end-user and used to authenticate them to update their password and continue browsing. This ensures that the right customers are authenticated into their accounts building a secure, trustworthy shopping experience.

We’re excited to see how these new product innovations will continue to help our customers bring their unique digital vision to life.

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