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Aug 17, 2022 | 2 minute read

Just Announced: Elastic Path Commerce Cloud Enables HIPAA Compliance

written by Abisola Adeyemo

The digital health landscape has developed exponentially as the pandemic ramped up the demand for healthcare and life sciences brands entering the commerce space. Despite the rise in telehealth, the surge in digital health funding, and the growing focus on healthcare initiatives, there were still limited commerce options. No MACH platform had entered the healthcare market which forced brands to provide cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box experiences or invest time and money in custom workarounds.

Elastic Path Now Enables HIPAA Compliance Across Commerce Channels 

We’re on a mission to make Composable Commerce accessible to all brands. That’s why we wanted to become HIPAA-ready to empower healthcare and life sciences brands to embrace a Composable Commerce approach and deliver innovative commerce experiences with confidence. We're proud to be the first and only MACH solution enabling HIPAA compliance across commerce channels, including multiple geographies, business models, and brands. No longer bound to a rigid architecture, our headless, API-first platform allows brands to push the envelope and power their complex requirements with the agility to keep up with changing consumer demands. As a HIPAA-ready platform, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud can support healthcare brands’ HIPAA compliance which is the federal standard to safeguard protected health information (PHI). So they can build out HIPAA compliant systems. 

Composable Commerce Meets the Healthcare Industry’s Complex Requirements

Healthcare brands deal with the complexity of regulations, multiple geographies, and multiple business models while working to meet the growing demand of consumer expectations. A Composable Commerce approach is built for complexity with the flexibility to deliver unique, customized omnichannel commerce experiences. Whether you’re a B2B medical device manufacturer working with multiple distributors, or managing multiple storefronts in multiple geos, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud provides the architecture to meet the complex use cases.

Instead of delivering generic, out-of-the-box experiences, healthcare brands can now leverage the benefits of a MACH solution with unlimited catalog management and extensive product variation to create the merchandising experiences their customers expect without extra development work or customizations. Additionally, our integrated commerce PIM, which manages product data, helps brands accelerate time to market to meet ongoing consumer demands. With these capabilities, healthcare brands can design complex configurations like dynamic pricing, flexible discounts, and custom attributes.

Embrace a Composable Commerce Approach

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high and will only continue to grow, especially within the healthcare space. If you’re a healthcare or life sciences branded manufacturer looking to take your commerce experience to the next level through the power of Composable Commerce, reach out so we can connect you with an industry expert about the next steps.

Enabling your platform to be HIPAA-Compliant can be challenging, that's why we are here to help

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