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Jun 1, 2020 | 2 minute read

Leveraging open-source assets to develop commerce experiences

written by Anatoli IIakimets


Modern agile organizations are all about rapid iteration to move as fast as possible. To do this, developers need to have the freedom to experiment with technologies and frameworks to select the most appropriate one for a specific situation. This is especially important in the context of headless microservices-based platforms such as Elastic Path Commerce Cloud since one of the key benefits it provides is the superior technical agility for developers to solve business with any technology, framework, or library. To give the developers this flexibility and deliver holistic developer experience, Elastic Path maintains a public repository with different assets and SDKs. 

Github Assets

Below is a list of assets available that you may find useful to start developing commerce experiences using Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. It includes reference store, embedded commerce, and SDK for front-end libraries.

JavaScript SDK

Simple to use API interface to help get you off the ground quickly and efficiently with your Elastic Path Commerce Cloud JavaScript apps.

Github Link

Request Library for Node

This is a minimal Elastic Path Commerce Cloud API request library for Node that allows you to get started with the commerce service quickly.

Github Link

Reference Store

Whether you need to launch a site for a new business line, brand, or seasonal product offering, Elastic Path has you covered. The robust Gatsby open-source framework based on React helps your developers build blazing-fast websites and apps. Gatsby is a PWA (Progressive Web App) generator designed to support the latest web technology and large-scale high-performance web sites.

Github Link

Embedded Commerce

Elastic Path allows you to start selling quickly by turning any website into a remarkable commerce experience with an embeddable shopping cart. Embedded Commerce works alongside your existing websites and blogs, allowing your customers to shop and pay for items without ever leaving the page. It is quick and easy to set up and provides all the necessary capabilities to deliver superior experiences, including persistent shopping carts, custom cart items, and the ability to save a cart for later checkout.

Github Link

Collection of Examples

Here you will find example demo stores and serverless functions that can be used with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud webhooks

Github Link