Microservices for Modern Commerce

Improve Business Agility & Flexibility

Microservices has become a hot topic among digital commerce practitioners. They offer multiple benefits, including increased business agility, faster speed of innovation, lower operational costs and higher resilience. On the flip side, microservices adoption can be a challenging undertaking due to the multiple organizational, architectural and operational changes it requires. Explore this page to find out if commerce microservices is the right approach for your business.

A Guide to Microservices Adoption

Commerce Architecture for the Connected World

Adoption of microservices architecture for commerce is a complex undertaking for any organization. This whitepaper addresses the most common questions about microservices architecture, including benefits and adoption challenges. It provides guidance on how you should evaluate microservices architecture based on your business requirements.

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Simplifying Microservices Orchestration

Create unified customer experiences across channels with consistent business logic

Elastic Path offers an abstraction layer, Cortex, which offers you tools to orchestrate multiple independent microservices in a way that simplifies development and improves business agility.

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Microservices and Payments

The key combination to achieve “anywhere commerce”

Payments service is a mission critical component for a commerce solution as it should support new payment types, leverage best practices for fraud and PCI compliance, privacy and security. Having payments as a separate microservice can be beneficial for the business to enable superior business agility and flexibility.

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