Microservices Architecture for Modern Ecommerce

Improve Business Agility & Flexibility

Elastic Path Ecommerce Microservices Architecture

Elastic Path service provides you with modern microservices-based architecture which was built based on the most up to date best practices. It supports your business today and future requirements as well as enables superior technical agility to match the speed of your organization.

Benefits for the IT Teams

Having a commerce service with the right architecture is extremely important for IT teams as they will be delivering on the requirements provided by the business. It can be a "make it or break it" moment for the overall commerce initiative. Elastic Path modern microservices-based architecture provides IT teams with the necessary technical agility to bring their commerce initiatives to the next level:

  • Superior extensibility. Elastic Path makes it very easy for developers to extend capabilities provided by certain microservices thanks to a clean and transparent extension model. This allows significantly accelerate time-to-market for new commerce experiences.
  • Ease of Integrations. Elastic Path provides developers with an extensive toolset to easily integrate the service within the existing IT enterprise applications. It includes clean and intuitive northbound APIs and flexible event-driven integrations.
  • Industry-leading up-time. The independent nature of microservices allows Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to maximize the up-time and makes it easy to isolate faults within the application ecosystem.

Commerce Architecture for the Connected World

In this quick video, Jamus Driscoll discusses the new era of digital commerce and how ecommerce microservices are playing a big role in digital transformation. By leveraging microservices, brands and retailers are now able to deliver experiences beyond traditional browser-based shopping. 

Benefits for the Business Teams

While business teams not necessary will be facing the underlying Elastic Path microservices-based architecture it still provides them with tangible benefits:

  • Elastic Scalability. With Elastic Path, the service is called automatically vertically and horizontally to handle peak load and long-term business growth. This allows you to deliver superior customer experience while optimizing infrastructure costs.
  • Seamless Upgrades. You don't have to worry about upgrades to your commerce service anymore. All new features and capabilities are rolled out independently and are available to you immediately.
  • Best-of-breed. You have the ability to pick and choose microservices a la carte to create the right solution for your business by combining Elastic Path and 3rd party services. 
Commerce Extenders

Delivering unique commerce experiences shouldn’t be so hard. With Commerce Extenders, we empower you with the ultimate level of flexibility to easily customize and extend our ecommerce cloud logic according to the unique needs of your business, without creating a brittle, un-upgradable commerce infrastructure.

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Microservices in SaaS

In the context of SaaS commerce, underlying application architecture is not exposed to the customer so they miss some of the microservices-related benefits. This blogpost explains what are the benefits of a microservices-based architecture in the context of SaaS.

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