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Apr 24, 2023 | 4 minute read

Elastic Path Latest Product Innovations De-Risking Composable Commerce

written by Abisola Adeyemo

At Elastic Path, we’re continuously working to de-risk Composable Commerce by developing innovative products and solutions that simplify the lives of merchandisers and minimize the barrier to entry for brands to embrace composability. This past quarter, we have launched some solutions and product updates that are doing just that. I’ll be sharing some of those key product innovations so far.

Integrations Hub

Many digital commerce leaders and brands recognize the benefits of a Composable Commerce approach for providing the flexibility to innovate and create best-for-me experiences. But the reality is that the complexity of integrating and managing a multi-vendor solution is time consuming and expensive, with integrations accounting for 60% of implementation budgets.

This quarter Elastic Path launched Integrations Hub, a library of no-code, instant-on integrations that reduce the time and cost of implementations so you can get live vaster and significantly reduce TCO.

All integrations in the Integrations Hub are hosted and managed by Elastic Path. They are all commerce-enabled integrations that are able to be deployed in a matter of minutes. Some notable integrations include Algolia, Send Grid, Salsify, and Talon.One. Explore the full list here.

We’re excited to see how brands are able to leverage Integrations Hub to drastically reduce implementation costs  (up to 60%) and alleviate the burden of managing and operating their multiple integrations.


Curating Products in Your Nodes Product Lists

Building on our mission to simplify the lives of merchandisers, this quarter we have launched a feature update which allows merchandisers to curate products in your nodes product lists. What this means is that you’re now able to promote specific products within each of your hierarchies (categories). This enables you to create unique product collections in your storefront.

For example, a merchandiser could create a curated product list of all the products in last winter’s collection that did not sell. They would now be able to select the specific products they would like to promote and create a new list of curated products from an already existing hierarchy or category, like “tops” per se.

Nested Bundles (Bundles of Bundles)

Another new merchandising capability is our nested bundles or bundles within a bundles functionality. Nested bundles enables merchandisers to sell a range of products (and groups of products) together at once. This specific feature allows users to insert a bundle within another bundle providing our business users with new, creative ways to sell their products.

What does this look like practically? Let’s say you are a beauty brand and you have a bundle that includes eye cosmetic products such as a mascara, an eyeshadow palette, and eye liner. With this new functionality, you can also include another bundle such as the skincare bundle with moisturizer, cleanser, and toner and merchandise these collections of products as one singular SKU. However, only one bundle can be added within another bundle.


Configuring Product Experience Manager Shopper Catalogs

In addition to bundling capabilities, we’ve also made strides in our catalog functionality. Merchandisers can now configure their catalog to have up to five pricebooks. You can assign a priority to your price books so that product prices are displayed according to the priority of the price books. This is useful if you have price books for different scenarios such as seasonal sales, business versus retail customer pricing and reward programs.


Bulk Add Tax Items to Cart

We know how important customer satisfaction is for brands. That’s why we’ve added this new feature “bulk add tax items to cart” which allows a shopper to add up to 5 tax items to their cart in one action, rather than adding each item one at a time. Shoppers can specify items by selecting one of two options, by SKU or by product IT.  This minimizes the time a shopper spends adding items to a cart and can in turn minimize cart abandonment.

We’re excited to continue to release new product innovations to help brands embrace a Composable Commerce approach. You can keep up with the product updates on our blog and our change log.